Champions Part 8

  “Well, look at you,” she said smiling, “you do look the part and no mistake. Come on inside you tea is ready on the table.” I didn’t even get the chance to get changed even then as I sat at the table for my meal. After we had finished I help clear away and Mum said, “Well let’s have a look at you then.” She stood back while I turned around to give her a good look; she seemed to enthuse at the way I looked while I squirmed with embarrassment. “Shall I go and get changed?” I asked. “Well you don’t have to,” she replied, “You really should take every opportunity to get used to wearing a skirt before the qualifying matches you know.” She stood there looking at me thoughtfully while I looked down at my tiny skirt not knowing what to do. “I suppose it might be a good idea to change though as a netball skirt might get a bit warm and uncomfortable. Wait here, I’ve just had an idea.” With that she disappeared in the direction of her bedroom leaving me wondering what was on her mind. She soon returned carrying something white, “I think that these will be far more comfortable. Now take off those shoes, socks, your skirt and those sports briefs.” I was about to question this but she was already unfastening my skirt so in a few seconds I stood there dressed only in my pale blue t-shirt and knickers. “It’s a good job that we take the same size in shoes and although I’m a bit taller than you these should fit you.” It was then I realised that the white items that she was carrying were part of her tennis kit and before I could say or do anything she was having me step into her tennis skirt. Unlike my netball skirt, this one didn’t have pleats it was circular and had a pale blue band around near the hem. She zipped me into it muttering to herself about it being a perfect fit and its colour match my tee shirt. I then suffered the indignity of having her help pull on her tennis panties. Unlike my sports briefs these were very fine and white and festooned with rows of frilly lace that seemed to completely envelope my bottom. A couple of minutes later she added a pair of white ankle socks and tennis shoes and she stood back with an approving look at her handiwork.

    “There that’s perfect and you’ll be much more comfortable,” she said. All the time I was so taken aback by all this hadn’t said a word but I did manage to mention that I was concerned about the flighty characteristics of the full circular skirt. After all this, at Mum’s suggestion I meekly followed her as she walked off into the garden. As I reached the door however I stopped, I just couldn’t’t face going outside dressed like a girl ready to play tennis. Mum, realising that I hadn’t followed her turned towards me. “What’s the matter pet? Aren’t you coming outside? It’s such a glorious evening.” “But Mum, I feel silly dressed like this, what if anyone should see me?” “I understand pet,” she said walking back towards me. “Come with me I’ve something to show you.” With that she took me by the hand and led me into the hallway and stood me in front of the mirror. “Now, tell me what you see.” I looked at my reflection in the mirror and was amazed at just how feminine I looked in my little tennis outfit. The skirt for moment safely hid the frills and lace and I was lost for words. “Well, tell me what you see.” She asked again. “I ‘Er look like a girl ready to play tennis,” I replied softly unable to understand my mixed up feelings. “Well there you are then, if anyone should see you that’s exactly what they will think you are. Now come along outside it’s a shame to waste the sunshine moping about indoors.” With that she held my hand again and we walked outside together. I was immediately aware that the circular tennis skirt, was light and flighty and the slightest hint of a breeze exposed my multi-frilled bottom. As I held the thing down in an effort to preserve my dignity, Mum laughed at my antics and said I shouldn’t worry too much because the panties were made to look nice because they were meant to be seen. We walked over to the garden seats and sat down next to each other. I began to fiddle around with the hem of my little skirt trying to cover as much of my legs as possible. Mum looked at me carefully and began to talk in a serious tone. 

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here you have it reckoning time...

I love your writing. An entertaining and enthralling story. You're a natural.... I look forward to the next chapter(s)