Champions Part 10

    The next few days found me back to my normal boy persona apart from wearing my netball skirt and knickers on practice days. Mum never mentioned my sojourn into her tennis outfit again and I had more to think of than that, the qualifiers. These took place over one day at a nearby sports centre and the aim was to win at least two out of three matches to qualify. On the day in question I was picked up in the school minibus driven by Sister Susan and I was already wearing my netball kit as we were told that changing facilities at the venue would be limited due to the numbers in attendance. We exceeded all expectations and won all three of our qualifying matches and we were through to the county championships with me scoring the winner in the final game.

 The team were elated and jumped about giggling, hugging and kissing each other with me joining in behaving in a very girlish way. I arrived home still dressed in my netball kit and Mum was overjoyed at the news that we had qualified. I kept my skirt on for the rest of the evening because I realised that it was probably the last time that I would wear it. I had done everything that had been asked of me and helped the team to the finals. Now the girls had four weeks to get the team in shape for the big occasion and they would have to concentrate on getting a suitable replacement for me. It seemed peculiar at first on netball practice days because I still had to wait for them to finish before I could get home. I decided not to go and watch them but to get on with some of my homework while I waited.

 They had drafted in a new girl into the team, a girl called April who apparently showed promise. Abigail apparently was prepared to carry on as the main substitute but had asked not to e considered as first choice in the team itself. It was after the second practice session when Grace came and sat next to me on the bus home. Chloe had been picked up by her parents because they were going off somewhere so the two of us were alone on the back seat. She asked me why I didn’t come to watch them practice and I explained that I had done what I had committed to and that I wanted them to concentrate on getting ready for the finals without my influence. Then she stood up on the pretext of getting something from her bag, which she had placed on the seat in front. Looking back on what happened next  I’m certain that her actions were pre-conceived and deliberate. She was still dressed in her net ball kit and in order to reach her bag she had to bend over right next to me. However instead of the usual sports briefs it was only too obvious that she was wearing fancy knickers. They were white and decorated with tiny rosebuds with a lace trim around the edges and they were not at all the regulation underwear the school insisted on. She turned and smiled at me knowing full well that I had seen what she was wearing.

   “I took off my sports briefs when we had finished practice because I was too hot. I don’t always wear regulation knickers because they are so boring, do you like the ones that I’m wearing?” All I could answer to this was a rather pathetic, “yes.” She then resumed her seat and shuffled up close to me then she whispered into my ear. “I think that we should continue with our unfinished business, don’t you?” With that, and before I could say anything, she moved her head around and placing her hand at the back of my neck began to kiss me full on the lips again. That first kiss was quite brief and I think she used it to test my reaction. I was beginning to get aroused and seeing that I didn’t object she changed her position and began to kiss me again, this time with a lot more passion. After a few seconds she gently took my hand and placed it on her leg knowing what she wanted me to do. I slowly reached under her skirt and began to fondle her through her fancy underwear.

 Then I felt her slowly unzipping my fly and she gently eased her hand inside my boxer short and began to fondle y rather immature male member. This time, free from the previous restrictions, it grew instantaneously and I found her attention making me tingle all over. The kiss and the fondling continued for a minute or two before she began to twitch and murmur quietly “Oh yes, Yes.” her climax steadily subsided and she withdrew her kissing and looked dreamily into my eyes. “That was wonderful, but you’re not finished yet are you?” With that she began to fondle me with increased vigour and suddenly I climaxed and began to ********* inside my boxers. The difference this time was that the result was far more intense than anything I had experienced before. My whole body began to convulse as I experienced the most wonderful sensations all over. It subsided all to soon and then we began to adjust our clothing and sat back in silence for a couple of minutes. I knew that I needed to change my damp boxers but that would have to wait until I got home. Grace then suddenly stood up and threw her leg over me and sat straddling my legs facing me. In that position with her tiny netball skirt all akimbo she gave me an uninterrupted view of her, now damp, fancy underwear. She smiled at me, “I think you enjoyed that, didn’t you? I know I did.” Then she put both hands on my cheeks and kissed me again. On the walk back to my house I began to wonder if all the happenings over the past few weeks were getting a little too much for my immature soul. What with wearing skirts and Grace’s clandestine attentions I was confused at my reactions and feeling about it all.

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Sep 10, 2012