Champions Part 12

When the three had left Mum told me that I shouldn't make my decision then but I should sleep on it and that I should make my decision overnight and tell her what I had decided in the morning. That nigh I lay in bed wondering what I should do and I fell asleep still undecided. I can’t remember what I dreamed about but I woke in the morning with my mind made up, I would do it. When I told Mum my decision she just said that she would do all she could to help me. She then said, rather mysteriously, that I would need more help than I did during my last venture. As soon as I boarded the bus in the morning both Chloe and Grace wanted to know my decision and when I told them the both rushed to give me a hug and told me how happy I had made them. Practice day’s found me once again wearing my netball skirt and I soon got back into playing my heart out much to the team’s, especially Grace’s, satisfaction. Something was going on at home but I didn't know what. There was a lot of coming and going and more than once I got home to find some strange woman just leaving. Mum however wasn't saying anything so I didn’t bother about it much.

 The day before our departure arrived after our final practice session I arrived home as usual wearing my netball kit. Mum greeted me and after we had eaten she said that she had a few things to say to me before I went to bed. I sat on the sofa tucking my legs under me as I had got into the habit of doing whenever I was wearing a skirt. She came in and sat on the chair facing me and began to speak. “Now pet,” she began, “going away for the netball finals is a little bit more complicated then taking part in the qualifiers. I deliberately didn’t say anything about this to you before now because if, after listening to what I’m about to say, you decide not to go through with it you won’t be subjected to any pressure from the other team members because you won’t have to see them. Also I wasn’t sure if I could organise everything you’ll need for your stay in time, however I’ve had lots of help especially from Grace’s mother so everything is organised. The first hurdle is that you’ll be expected to be wearing full school uniform the minute you arrive in Durham for the initial presentation meeting.” “That’s alright,” I said interrupting her, “I don’t mind going in my school uniform after all it is a school day. If I wasn’t going to Durham I’d be wearing my uniform for school so what’s the difference?” Then the full realisation of my situation came to me, “Oh, I see, I’ll be expected to wear the girls uniform, but I…” I trailed off not knowing what to say.

    “Yes, as you say, you’re going as part of a team of girls representing your school so you’ll be expected to look like a schoolgirl. Unfortunately that means that you’ll have to go in the girls uniform and, of course, that means that you will be expected to wear a skirt. Not only that but you’ll be away for four days and three nights and there will be lots of occasions when you will not be wearing your uniform or your netball kit. On those occasions you will be expected to wear clothes that are appropriate for a little girl coming up to her fourteenth birthday.” Mum’s words seemed to go spinning round in my head. Yes it was obvious, why hadn’t I thought of the repercussions when I agreed to play in the netball finals? All I could think to say was, “but I don’t have a girl’s uniform or anything else.” “Don’t worry about that, I’ve managed to borrow a lot of the things you’ll need and those things I couldn’t borrow I’ve bought. Grace’s Mum has been a great help and Grace has promised to look after you. Now you know what you’re letting yourself in for I want you to tell me truthfully whether you still want to go or not. You’re not to worry about letting the team down if you decide not to go because they will understand. After all, what they have asked you to do is something most little boys would not even consider undertaking and you’ve done more than enough for them already. If you have any doubts at all about it then you shouldn’t go, no one will think any the worse of you if you refuse to do it.” Mom looked at me, waiting for an answer and after a few seconds thinking about it I knew that I could only give her on answer. “OK, I’ve decided, I’ll do it.” Mum gave me a big hug, “I think that you’re a very brave little boy. Now if you change your mind or have second thoughts before the morning you must tell me, don’t even think about going if you have any doubts at all. You will tell me, won’t you?” “Of course I will Mum,” I said and went off to get ready for bed. I had a big day ahead of me and the school minibus would be arriving to collect me at ten thirty. The following morning I had a chance of a bit of a lie in because I didn’t have to catch the school bus at it’s normal time of eight fifteen. During breakfast Mum explained that all the members of the team had been paired off because the families supplying the hospitality were each taking two girls. She told me that I had been paired with Grace, which was no real surprise to me. Then after asking me if I really wanted to go through with it I went off to my room to get ready.

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