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The Sissy Gladiator-4

Billy walked quickly home, his mind raceing with thoughts of what to do next--he had the basic idea of the how...but the details needed to be done just right...and the plan would work!! Now was the time...and Billy just smiled at the deal with Butch..oh the look on his face!! Gottcha Butch!!!...

Billy's mother was in the front room when Billy walked into the house...hey Billy!! How was school today? Oh hi was ok I guess.--Mom?..You know that guy Butch I've been dealing with...yes dear, I know who you're talking about-- well, we had another meet today-- Billy! Did you.....yeah mom, the deal has been made! All this crud is finally going to be done!! He walked right into it just like you said he would! Fight, dress and school- all of it!! Good Billy- do you know what you're going to do now? I'm still thinking, but, yeah, I've got a good idea what to do...just need to put into action-- is this kid gonna be surpirsed...--- How do you feel Billy, you looked really stressed and the pressure you're putting yourself through...I'm ok mom...I just need to do the 'stress reliever' for a while..ok with you? You know it is dear...It would be nice to have my daughter visit for awhile!! I'll go get changed and B I L L I E will be out in a second..thanks mom, I need to let my mind rest for a bit!!

So years ago Billy had known he was not like the other guys...when started looking at the girls and wanting to sort-a be like them...he knew he liked girls- everything about girls!! He didn't want to BE a girl, but more like them...his dad had noticed something in his son- at times his son was 'softer' than boys were. He didn't think that was a bad thing, just a little different! His mom could see it right off...and she seemed to enjoy teaching Billy some of the things little girls should know- but she had to remember that he still was a BOY and needed to be treated as one.! Billy took an interest in mom's clothes, and so she had shown him many of them..and of course, he had asked to wear the...the folks didn't get to weirded out about this- Billy was just a small child and all children played dress-up at one time or another and he was no different.....he just kept playing dress-up for alot longer...and was still dressing!!! Mom and dad had asked him why he still did and Billy said it made him feel better...he could think out problems better...he could be closer to his mom and get her take on things when he was nice to be a 'daughter' sometimes and ...Billy became Billie for a few hours --- and it hurt fact, it made their family a bit just seemed like the right thing to do, but they all knew it was not something they felt comfortable about telling other people outside the family....boys didn't dress in a dress...they were made fun of if some-one found out what they did....and this is how Billy was going to take care of Butch...

About 10 Minutes later, Billie came into the front room- hello mother! Now there she is! Hello Billie...feel better? Yes I do mother...and just then there was a knock at the front door. Without another thought, Billie went and opened the door-- and there stood Lisa... Is Billy he---re? Billy! Is that you?! Oh MY!!...Billie was shocked...not only that Lisa was seeing him/her, but that he had actually answered the door!! What was he thinking!? Billie reached out and grabbed Lisa's arm, drug her in and closed the crap! Billie, who's at the door dear? Mother, it's Lisa! Oh! Is that the young lady you were telling us about? Yes it is...come on in Lisa and meet the family...I guess I need to explain why I'm dressed like this... so for the next hour, Billy and Billie discused with Lisa what has and what is going to happen...and Lisa just loved it-- and she was really looking at Billy with a future in mind....
gellis gellis 56-60 Sep 11, 2012

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