Standing Up To Life Chapter 5


I hurried on to my English class, going down the one hallway that connected that wing to the main school, and down another to get to the oldest wing of the school and up the staircase. This led to the room of Mr Tamera, probably the worst English teacher of all time. To get you to shut up he’d say, ‘shut the mouth.’ The more I think about it I had a lot of bad teachers that year! I sat down in my chair, and after he called roll he called those of us from Maple Elementary to go down the hall to an empty classroom where Mrs. Fitzgerald was waiting. “Hi Ms. Fitzgerald,” I said as I walked up and gave her a hug. She had been one of the few teachers who had really tried - and somewhat succeeded - to keep my life from being as tough even though I wasn’t even in her class (she had 6th grade but chose to stay at the elementary). Right behind me Amy did the same thing - most of the kids did. There were about 8 students in there. I saw they had not invited some of the students, like Matt and Lucas, who were from that school too. I wasn’t going to complain.

  “How are you all doing?” She asked. “You’ve all grown a bunch since I saw you all last year. Well I’m guessing most of you have heard about what’s going on by now, but just in case here it is!” She said enthusiastically but not condescendingly, as only a good teacher can. “We’ve received permission to offer the Florida Experience trip to you guys even though you’re not at the elementary anymore. We decided to only it to students that passed all of their classes last year and were from Maple Elementary. The district approved that and we’re going to do it that way!” She smiled as she said that. “I won’t keep you long, but basically if you go you’ll go for 6 days and 5 nights to Orlando, FL. We’ll go to Disney World, Kennedy Space Centre, Universal Studios, and the beach among other things. You parents are welcome to come along if they want to. We’re willing to help you setup fundraisers, but you do have to pay for it on your own. Do any of you think your parents might be interested?” Amy, Kyle, and I raised our hands. The other kids shook their heads, I don’t think their parents had a chance of affording it, and they knew it unfortunately. I didn’t honestly think my parents could either, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I looked at the stuff that they gave me, it was only $700! That was cheap and I knew it. As we left Amy spoke to me briefly, “Brandon that would be so exciting if we could all go together, and we won’t have any of those jerks with us either it looks like!” “Yes that would be nice wouldn’t it?” I replied and we went separate ways. My thoughts had paralleled hers. There was a meeting next week, I hoped I could get my parents to go to it! 

   I got back to class getting plenty of stares of “why did he get to go?” But I couldn’t answer even if they asked, Mr Tamera was droning on about some stupid tense thing. I understood it within 1 minute of his 26minute lecture I had to hear. I got the feeling he had droned on 14 minutes before that too! All in his broken English. Shouldn’t an English teacher be able to speak English?!? I left that class still on a high from my hopes of the trip still. I got to Math and did my homework quickly while he talked on. I had my homework done and still 30 minutes of class to go. I checked the odd answers with the ones in the back of the book and fixed any I had wrong and looked and saw I still had 25 minutes. One of my other nemesis was sitting behind me and started giving me crap. “Jeff, leave me  alone okay?” I said. He was a jerk, and a wannabe cool kid. While he was a rung higher on the chain than I was, he wasn’t that much higher. He wasn’t much higher because he was a fat oaf to put it nicely… “Why, Ralphy, what are you going to do? You’re just a wimp!” “Just knock it off!” “And what if I don’t?” He asked. I’d had enough today, he was going to get it. I stood up and reached down and grabbed the hair on the top of his head and yanked as hard as I could. “OWWWW!!! Stop that!” He cried. The other kids nearby were watching and all amazed that I actually successfully taking on one of my antagonists. “Then promise me you’ll stop picking on me!” I suggested to him. “Alright, I won’t do it anymore.” He fairly cried. I turned around in my desk expecting to be getting sent to the office by my teacher, but Mr Martin just turned around at that moment and looked at me. He gave me a wink and got back to doing something on his desk. I couldn’t believe it, I actually accomplished something and got away with it! That never happens. I ran to the bus after grabbing my saxophone as quick as I could once the bell rang. As I got on the bus I heard kids talking about my ‘Fight’ with Jeff. It certainly earned me a bit of respect. I still got Ralphy as I got on the bus though, so I knew it wasn’t enough to get away from it. But progress is progress right? I shouldn’t have thought I got away so cleanly for the day. As I was getting off the bus I saw Matt was behind me. How did he get on my bus? He doesn’t even ride this bus I thought! I tried to hurry across the street and get down the block to my house but he caught me just after crossing the street. “Hey Brandon hold up! I still owe you for what you did to me earlier!” He said while he grabbed my backpack. I couldn’t go anywhere at that point so I turned around. “What did I do to you?!?! If I  remember correctly you were picking on me!” “Ooh we’re talking back now that we fought like a girl to beat up Jeff huh?” He said pushing me backwards. I stumbled but managed to stay on my feet. I was frantically trying to think of a way to get away from him. “No, I’m just sick of your **** is all.” I replied. I slowly walked backward to a yard that had some rocks in it. “Ooh you think you’re all big now cussing at me? Well let’s get this over with runt. Because of you I was in ISS today, and I’ll be in the same place tomorrow and Monday!” And with that he started to rush towards me. I decided I one chance, to use his movement against him.

   If I could trip him he would be falling the opposite way as my house. Which might give me enough of a head start to make it home… Everything slowed down, and I did a move that I used in soccer to fake out my opponents. I leaned in the opposite direction as I was going and he fell for it. I then stuck out my leg and he bowled over 2 x head over heels. Of course, I didn’t see that part because I was already running as fast as I could for home. I got my key out of my pocket in the hope I could make it there, unlock the door, and lock it before he got there. I needn’t have worried that much because when I got to my door I saw he was nowhere nearby me. Still the same I decided not to chance it and locked the door quickly behind me. I collapsed, crying o my bed, could I not get any peace?

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Sep 11, 2012