The Sissy Gladiator-5

Word of the 'deal' spread through out the school like a wild fire--everyone was talking about SOME-ONE coming to school in a dress, other than the girls who already do wear them- and it's gonna be a guy! And of course, everybody said they knew the two guys who made this deal--thing was, not many knew Billy and Butch, but everybode knew OF them. The buzz around school was that the wimpy kid was gonna get the crap beat outta him...who-ever that kid was!! Every day that passed, the tension grew..was it going to be today? So when!? However, the talk in the teacher's lounge was not so sporting...the concern was all this talk about a student getting beat-up was not good for the school in general...the teachers were affraid that a fight would just start in the hall one day and all hell would break out... Mr. Williams, one of the head admin types in the office, listened to all the info the teachers were talking-- you know folks, this kind of thing has been going on far as long as there have been kids in school...every guy wants to show he is the strongest, toughest boy in establish the 'pecking order' if you's like a right of passage at this age. These guys also know that they can't do this on school grounds either or they will get the boot out of school, and they don't even want their parents in on, they'll handle this away from the grounds....BUT!, the other thing we have to watch for is the 'deal' they made- one of these guys is going to be wearing a dress to school for two are we going to handle that? Well, my advise is we don't say a word to any student about it...the girls already wear dresses and we don't worry about them...we don't make any big deal about the boy who shows in one either...laughing just a bit, Mr Williams continues- who knows! Maybe more of the boys will start wearing dresses to school!!...and the sound of laughter fills the lounge...

It is Monday afternoon- Billy, along with Lisa, is staying after school to finish up some work from his last class- they finish and decide to walk to Billy's house to hang out...they walk a couple of blocks, turn right and both stop dead in their tracks-- just up ahead stands Butch...and a ton of the other kids from school. Lisa looks at Billy...I guess now it starts---don't worry Lisa-, I'll be alright...just be there, ok? yes... Billy walks forward meeting Butch face to face.. OK twirp! Not comes the pounding! Laughing, Butch turns to the crowd...Billy sees they have formed a circle around them... Hey! This like the movies! The gladiators meet and fight to the death! Butch gives Billy a mock salute...get ready gladiator...I'm gonna beat you silly- and with that, Butch ***** back his arm and lets fly a punch to the head! Billy is ready for this-he remembers his traing in the 'arts'- Butch's hand connects, but Billy truns his face at the same time-- it looks like Butch landed a good one and Billy makes a sound like it did! Billy stumbles back for effect and almost falls..the crowd yells ...Billy puts his hands up like he is going to try and hit Butch...swings and misses his mark...Butch goes in for another hit to the shoulder- again Billy fains the power of the punch but puts on like he is in great pain...this goes on for several minutes-- blow after blow- miss after miss untill Billy sees Butch is getting tired...and the last hit Butch makes, Billy goes to the ground, making himself look like he was going to cry...enough!! I've had enough!! Butch throws his arms up! The winner!! You really thought you could beat me twirp? NO WAY you little puke! Now! You're gonna wear a dress to school--for two days! There was laughing throughout the crowd...This gladiator has beaten that gladiator!! That -- sissy gladiator!! Again the crowd yelled and laughed...

Billy got up off the ground and from out of nowhere, a dress was thrown into his face-- and panties-- and a bra-- there's your dress sissy gladiator!! Wear it in good health- and you had better wear it too, cuse if you don't, I'll make sure the whole school knows about how I took you down! Go on! get on home and get ready!! Lisa took Billy by the arm and lead him away toward his house...Billy..why did you let him do that to you? Are you hurt bad? No, he didn't hurt me at all--I only let him, and everyone else, think he hurt me...Lisa looked at him-- you said you had training to keep kids from treating you like that... Lisa, I didn't tell you about all of my plan...this is just the start...and with that, Billy just laughed...guess I gotta get B I L L I E ready for school tomorrow- and then Lisa laughed right along with him!!
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