The Sissy Gladiator-6

Butch was so beside himself with his victory...that little dweeb! Thought he was gonna beat ME?! HA! All the crowd laughed and pointed as Billy and Lisa walked away---now Butch was on top..he was the master of the halls--- well, not so we all know, for every bully crowned, there is another somewhere waiting to take them take their place. And school is no different- it is said that school is the worst place for creating bullies. Butch was used to getting his way- this time he did...with the wimpy kid...what if he had to face the older- stronger- faster bully...then what...something Butch has not yet thought about...never mind for now- Billy would be the proof of Butch's glory-- tomorrow, the school will see how great Butch least in his mind---

What Butch didn't know was that the older, less vocal of the hallway bullies were waiting to see the outcome of this 'deal'... sizeing up the 'lesser god' if you will--they were just looking on to see what this little punk had to offer--wheather he should be allowed to continue pushing those of the lower grade around--or maybe he should be taken down a notch or two...

Billy and Liza reached his house...when they came in mom was there in the kitchen getting supper was your da- oh Billie! What happen- no don't tell was the day, right? Yeah mom, it was..and Billy just you're really going through with this then? Yupe! You know what they called me after the fight? The sissy gladiator! Mom laughed at this- I'm sorry dear...was that funny to you? Billy laughed too..yeah, kind-a...Lisa just looked on--I'm sorry, I don't get all this supposed to be funny? Billy looked at her..well what do you think- I dress like a girl sometimes..and I told you why, and some would call me a sissy...but you haven't see the rest of this yet- Butch is going to have a real shock by the time I'm through...and he's not going to be only one either-- just have to wait for the right time to make all this me Lisa- you're going to enjoy will! Mom looked at her son, what is it you have under your arm? Oh this! Well this is my costume for school that I was given by the crowd of onlookers today...wonder if it'll fit!! Only one way to find out!! Billy left the room to see how they had done for the proper fitting...this left Lisa alone with mom.... is Billy really ok Lisa? He sure seems to be-- I just wish I knew what he has planed. Mom looked at her..Lisa, just trust him- I do..he's had to deal with bullies for along time...and now, he is going to put an end to it- just watch.

The door opened and out walked---who do we have dear? Well, since this is for school, this is still B I L L Y..and they all laughed...they did a crummy job on size though--mom, can you make this fit a bit better? I don't want to show up looking like some bag lady tomorrow! Lisa shook her head- you're really going to go through with this? There is no doubt about it Lisa! I have to show up...if I don't, this will be all for'll see...Lisa and Billy went out into the back yard..are you really wearing all the stuff they gave you? Now you should know better than to ask a young about some things! Lisa just looked at him...and broke out in a really are something- maybe that's why I like you so can be you self no matter what-- I've got nothing to lose, Lisa.. you know more about me than any other person, except my folks...if I didn't like you..or trust you.. I could never be myself around you-- and with that, Billy took her hand into his. She stood there looking at am I holding hands with a boy or another girl! Hey, like I said, dressed like this,. I'm B I L L Y...I'm just a boy who sure likes the girl I'm with...and I aint talkin' about B I L L I E!! Well, whoever you are-- I like It too!!

The next morning...Billy and Lisa walk into school together...the jeeres, teasing, taunting, pointing and laughing...all what they expected. But that was ok...the teachers seemed to be coming out of classrooms to see what all the noise was about..and could not believe what they saw--this kid had really worn the dress to school!! now we need to keep the classes in order...this will wear off in alittle while...Butch was the ring leader, of course...making sure all saw that the little twirp was wearing the dress he had made him wear!! And the other, older and tougher guys just your back tough guy- we may have plans for you, Butch....
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lolz come uppance is headed his way.