Standing Up To Life Chapter 7


    That next day was Friday, so much for TGIF? When I got to school kids were whispering behind my back like I was some sort of alien that inhabited Brandon’s body. First hour came and went without incident. During 2nd period I got called to come down to the office where I saw my parents waiting. We went in together to talk to the Principal, Mrs. Hinther. My dad made clear, in no uncertain terms, that Matt was to be nowhere near me ever again in this school. He added that if this stuff didn’t stop they would be hiring an attorney to sue the district for not doing its’ job of protecting students. Following both my parents rant, and my own rant of the facts that she asked, she assure my parents that though she could not talk about another students disciplinary action, she would go ahead and make sure we didn’t come into contact at all. She switched his schedule completely around, dropping him from band as well. At that point in the meeting the school resource officer came in and took a statement from me, and my parents filled out the forms to file charges against him. He said it should be pretty clear cut case since the officers had filed their own reports of what they observed - they lined up with my statement perfectly. We finished up during 3rd hour and I returned to choir right after the meeting let out.

   Mom let me know that she had found out from the bus yard boss that he would not be allowed on a bus for the remainder of the school year. Mom also let my driver have a piece of her mind the night before… Crossing an only child’s parents is tantamount to messing with a grizzly bear who has cubs! When I got to choir I stood by Amy who asked what had happened. I told her before class started. Pete asked, “So is it true Brandon? Did you really beat up Matt?” “Well, I tripped him and he went flying if that’s what you mean?” The kids were all very impressed with this. But I knew it wasn’t going to solve my problems. I knew for a fact that Lucas was talking a lot of threats towards me to get even. Matt had been removed from school pending expulsion hearings, and so he had become the leader by natural selection. Still… Mrs. Schultz interrupted our conversation and said, “Okay we need to get started.” We sang and worked on the piece for about 10 minutes before she got mad about something and stormed into her office crying. I whispered to Amy, “I feel bad for her, but I have to say I’m glad to see there’s one other person on this campus that gets picked on more than I do!” She snickered. We both agreed she was a terrible teacher. That was something we’d talked about the night before. We talked to each other back and forth for the rest of the period before the bell rang and we went to lunch. Lucas came up to the line behind Amy and I and asked, “Amy why are you hanging out with this loser?” “I don’t know which loser you’re referring to. The only loser I’m seeing present is you.” She replied nonchalantly. He started to open his mouth to reply but stopped as a teacher came over and said, “Lucas I don’t believe you were in that spot in line. Go back to the end.” Lucas tried arguing with the teacher but gave way eventually. I got my food and went to the table furthest away from anyone again As I set my food down though, I saw Amy coming with some of her friends. “Brandon may we sit with you?”

    “Sure.” I said… I wasn’t really sure what to do. This was strange. We sat and talked through lunch, eventually moving outside and sitting together on the grass. I decided to go get something to drink from the snack bar and started walking back inside. On my way there I ran into Matt’s girlfriend, ‘Eliza. “Brandon why are you sticking your chest out like that, what are you trying to look like a girl?” I guess that makes sense, that’s how you fight, cry, and act.” I was dumbstruck, my day had been going relatively well. I managed to get inside to the bathroom before breaking down for a few minutes. I came out and found Amy waiting by the door. “Brandon, are you all right?” “Yeah, I guess. I’m just tired of getting crap all the time. I was hoping it would get better today. I guess I should have known better.” I said while looking down at my feet. “Brandon, look, you are an awesome guy, and I’m really proud to have you as my friend. Can you trust me on something?” I thought for a second then nodded, “I guess.” “You are so much cooler than they are it’s sickening. You’re also the sweetest guy I know. You’ve put up with so much crap, and I’m sorry it keeps happening. But, know that I’ll be there for you okay?” “Thanks,” I said meekly. “Now I’m guessing you want to get that drink before the snack bar closes?” She asked. “Sure,” I said and then got in line. Once we had gotten my drink she walked back outside with me. From that point forward in the year it was an odd time to see one of us without the other at lunch. I managed to somehow make it through the day without incident. Lucas didn’t ride that bus for some reason that day, meaning I didn’t have to worry about anything that day at the bus stop. What a week.

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I feel for the poor kid.