Uncharted Isle Part 2

Jamie awoke and was a little disoriented until he remembered where he was. He looked at his watch -" yep 6am like I always do," he thought.
He got up and dressed in shorts, t-shirts and runners. He usually ran and did exercise first thing. He wandered out on deck and saw that they were finally reaching the coast with the headlands in view that enclosed the sound. After a little warm up he began running around the boat. The track he had was about only about 200 metres all up but round and round he went. The boat he now saw was in fact a large catamaran with everything on a large structure built between the two hulls. The engines were kept quiet by being in each hull. He ran into some of the crew who smiled at him as he jogged by. Breakfast, he was informed, would be at 8am so he had plenty of time to exercise then shower before then. Around 7am he headed in for a shower, then lazed around on deck enjoying the beautiful sunny day as sleepy heads slowly began to emerge. By around 7:45 all heads had appeared and joined him in the shaded lounge area. Tim, as usual, had a few of the ladies grouped around him talked. Jamie was surprised when Wendy walked up at sat next to him. She smiled.
"Good morning"he said cheerily. "How did you sleep?"
"Good morning" Wendy replied. "The gentle motion of the boat had me to sleep quickly"
"I found that gentle motion soothing too" Said Jamie. They talked amicably for a while as Jamie began to gently probe. He wanted to get to know her better. She was an intelligent, charismatic and warm person. She was a RN at the local hospital. She enjoyed her job and interacting with people.
Breakfast was announced and he and Wendy continued to talk as they ate. He also found out that her team mates were a little jealous of her skill with the ball. Naturally, she denied that her skill was any better than the others. He also found out that outside of work she tended to be a bit of a loner, finding social situations awkward, much like Jamie.
The boat called into its home-base marina and loaded a lot of extra fuel, water and supplies while those aboard went for a picnic. It was a very scenic spot, Sunscreen and wide brim hats were the order of the day. Later a swim was taken by all. Jamie took the opportunity to swim some laps before joining the rest in the shade with afternoon drinks supplied.
Everyone returned on board after an enjoyable day. Tim had spent the day ?chatting the ladies? up while Jamie had just relaxed. It had been a while since he had had the opportunity to forget all about work.
Saturday night was "party" night, Everyone had to introduce themselves and share a little about themselves. The only thing Jamie said about his work was that he was a manager in a company, not mentioning that in fact he was the owner nor that he was a multi-millionaire. He wanted people to like him for him and not his money. He lived simply and liked it.
As everything was catered for, some women had one too many. This removed inhibitions. A few of them propositioned Jamie and he politely declined. He wasn't into one night stands.
He noticed that Wendy was largely ignored by the group so he sat down next to her. She was glad for company. They wandered out onto the deck away from the noise and loud music and it wasn't too long before they were deep in conversation again. Jamie noted that they had lost sight of land and the night was fabulous, warm and clear. The stars were brilliant. The boat was stationary, with the motors idling to hold position. The water was glassy and calm. The moon was a waning crescent, its light reflecting off the water.
Around midnight things began to wind down. The alcohol had loosened many tongues while Jamie and Wendy had only once refilled their glasses with a nice red wine. Tim was ensconced among the women and he was obviously enjoying the all the attention. Jamie said to Wendy that he was getting tired and would go to bed. Wendy agreed, She was feeling the effects of the sun and day too.
As they wander off to their cabins, Jamie noticed some cloud was now illuminated by the moon. He didn't pay a lot of attention as the forecast had predicted a fine, clear weekend.
He bid Wendy goodnight as she entered her cabin, Jamie went his and fell into bed, feeling exhausted by the long day. He fell asleep straight away.
His slumber was disturbed several hours later by a severe pitching and rolling of the boat. He staggered out of bed and had to hold onto hand rails as he made his way toward the bridge. The crew were all there busily trying to keep the boat pointed into the storm. Visibility was almost zero. Even the radar had problems due to the heavy rain. The navigation instruments were also fluctuating wildly. The captain placed a call on the satellite phone and got no reception. She then tried the radio but greeted with silence.
Suddenly the boat was broadsided by a huge wave. The captain struggled and manage get the stern of the craft on the wave. It propelled the large craft forward.
Without warning, with a grind and thump they came to a sudden stop. The rear of the boat was still going up and down as waves rolled but the front of the craft seemed to be firmly stuck on something. A crew member went out up the bow, as visibility was still zero, and came back to report that they had landed on a beach! She could see very little through the wind driven rain. The captain decided there was very little she could do until this storm passed and light of day appeared. She dropped anchors and got crew to firmly embed them in the sand. She didn't want her boat dragged back into the ocean.
There was little Jamie could do, so he headed back to his cabin and bed until light at the very least.
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Sep 12, 2012