Universal Chronicle Intro

In the year 2100, Planet Earth has changed dramatically. The population was at 27 Billion and the planet was slowly becoming uninhabitable. The Gods of religions watched as Earth destroyed itself and decided to release the truth of the Universe. The people of Earth watched as space ships came down onto to there planet revealing that they were all there as a social experiment and had failed. The various cultures and ethnicities of the Earth joined the Space counterparts and left Earth bringing new hostilities into a larger playing field. Fast forward to the year 3099. The Universal Federation has emerged as the Gods created government of the universe. Large Empires including the United Milne Empire separated itself from the Federation but remained Allies. Our story begins on a recently independent planet of Aberdeenland of the Scottish Empire as the Universe is about to change forever.
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If u have anything to say advice criticize let me know please!

This is my intro so it's kind of not the best but let me know if it grabs your attention! I'm all ears!