Sunrise Of The Dragon-chapter 2

"Ow ow ow owwwww!" I gasp waking up to a very uncomftorble pain located by my ribs, I lifted my shirt up to see a nice bruise there. "Oh lovely." I mutter sarcasticly and let my shirt drop down again, that's when I noticed I was on soft lush grass in a clearing surrounded by trees and a bright blue sky above. It was not fall more like spring. Oh god I better be dreaming, but if I'm thinking like this it isn't is it? I question myself standing up slowly and carefully. Nothing seemed broken just som bruises like I fell, the last thing I remember was my room. Alright so I was in a coma, or was I kidnapped? Either way I needed to find people or a town. "Hello?" I yelled cupping my hands around my mouth. It echoed greatly, but no reply. I yelled again. No reply. I tried to more times before something burst out of the forest charging at me. I covered my face to portect myself before I heard a snort of a horse, seeing I owned one as a child I knew it instantly. Peeking out a white arabian mare shook her mane and pranced around me as if happy to see me. What was with this horse? Oh well count my blessings, they made good company and she would make for a fast ride to a town. She must have escaped a pasture otherwise she would have a herd right? I smiled and coaxed her over but as I mounted her it hit me, she was the mare in my dream. Okay now things were getting creepy. With a gentle nudged we started forword into the woods keeping an eye out for dangers to the horse. It was only and hour or so I heard yelling and talking and I quickly urdged the mare to the sounds. I was one step closer to home. Or so I thought. There before me was the meadow I had left. I was irritated that I had been walking in circles. I was amazed too at what I saw there. "What is this? A medieval renisance fair?" I snorted. Tents were set up and horses pickited. It look like an army ecampment. "Oi you there!" A 'sentry' shouted getting his spear ready as if to attack. "Who are you and why are ye dressed like a man? And why are you here?" The man asked and I glared. "I'm Clare and this is how we dress or are you so mixed up with your little fair gruop you really think it's the medival times? I just want to get home so which way is the closest phone?" The man stared at me and glanced at the camp. "We got a crazy girl here. She think it's right to dress like a man and says the strangest words." Three man in chainmail approached me slowly swords drawn and I felt my confidence draining. " Just get off the horse nice and easy gal." One said approaching, the mares ears pinned back and she barred her teeth backing away. Quickly I wheeled us away and took of blindly into the woods clutching onto her mane. Yells and hoofbeats told me of prusuite. I burst out of the woods somehow in the ecampment aging. I let out a nice long string of curse words surrounded by the ecampent one oneside and the horse riders on the other. Withour a warning the mare reared and bolted foreword with me clutching her neck depreatly about to fall off it seemed. Men sprain away as we ran through the camp i and a bit of hope rose through me. Till someone managed to yank me off onto the ground a sword pointed to my throat. The setting sun blocked the veiw of his face. "Tie her up and put her in a tent. I'll deal with her later." The man said. "And catch the horse." I spit at him as hands roughly hoisted me up and pulled me away. "I'll get you back for this just you wait." I snarled fighting the men who half dagged me away from the mystory man.

Night had fallen and I stared intently at the entrance in the candle light. Two gaurds stood outside as I sat near one of the candle trying to burn the rope, once I was sure I could yank them off at any time I did the same to my feet, I was burnt on my wrists and ankles and it took a good time to do so but it was worth it.I heard footsteps and hastily moved from the candle glaring as a guy walked in, he was handsome as much as I hate to admit. With those blue eyes and raven hair. He didn't have a sword this time. Good, I was going to strangle him. I spit at him my eyes threw daggers at him. "What do you want? To gloat?" I snarled as he stood quietly. He rolled his eyes to the high heavens then kneeled down looking into my eyes before speaking. "What clan sent you?" He asked and I said nothing and he repeated. "I have none." I said shortly. "Then why are you here?" Oh how ignorant and obnoxios he was. "I just want to get home!" I half yelled then with a mighty yank broke the ropes and threw myself on him growling punching and I even bit him. "I just want home!" I yelled as he threw me off and I was happy to his bloody nose. The two guards were able to grab my and force me one my knees, my dragon necklace hung out and seemed to glow. The guards instantly release me and made a gesture to ward off evil spirits. The man just gaped at me for a moments. "You're her." He gasped.
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Sep 12, 2012