Stand Up To Life Chapter 11


It was Saturday, we had just gotten done with our 2nd set of city tournament games. We learned just 2 hours ago that we were going to be playing 2 games next Saturday. If we won the first we would go to the Final match for the championship. If we lost that one we would play another for 3rd place. On our way home from the game Mom said, “Brandon, your hair’s getting pretty long. We’re going to need to cut it when we get home unless you want to start doing something different with it.” “What else could I do with it mom?” “Well I suppose you could grow it out to the bowl cut that everyone has now to start with.”  “Okay, that sounds good. Let’s do that.” Mom kind of gave me a strange look, I hadn’t wanted to do anything else with my hair for the past 2 years. This seemed like a sudden change. I thought that maybe I could use the bowl cut for a first step on my new goal of growing it down to my shoulders. A few minutes later I decide that I would take this one step at a time. I figured out that by the time I got to December it should be at about 5 inches long - almost longer than the “bowl cut” mom had suggested. When she asked about cutting it then I would say I just wanted it trimmed. And get them to let me grow it the rest of the way out.

   I had begun looking for guys in the media and in the movies with long hair so that I could emulate them. Or at least say that I was! It was funny, the past 2 weeks I getting less and less crap due to my run in with Matt and Jeff. The comments hadn’t stopped but no one was getting physically violent with me anymore. I think they all believed deep down that I was a wimp still, but they were all nervous to push it. More than anyone else - damage or not, the loss of face to those two made people not want to try me. That was giving me some courage to go ahead and grow my hair out. I continued hanging out with Amy at school at any chance I got. We both talked and both agreed we were just friends, not wanting to date each other. She became my first girl ‘girlfriend’. That fall my team won the city championship soccer tournament for out age group. It was really cool, they gave us medals and everything.

   By December mom had to trim the front of my hair to keep it from getting in my eyes. I loved the fact that I basically had bangs now if I combed my hair forward. It had gotten to the point where it was 7 inches long. Definitely a bit longer than the bowl cut. It was beginning to come down my neck, I was guessing it would definitely be shoulder length by the time we went on the trip. I was still trying to decide how to justify getting it longer to my parents when I got a great excuse in the form of a Christian Rock Band. Two of the guys in the group had their hair down to their back. I started to point out to my mum and dad how cool it would be to play in a group like that. I used that as the excuse point and my parents reluctantly bought into it. I still fought it a bit, but things were generally going pretty well on that fight. My first act of my attempt to at least look a bit more like a girl was going according to plan.

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Sep 14, 2012