Champions Part 20

  She beckoned me over to her and I stood there almost helpless as she untied the bathrobe and dropped it to the floor. I stood there naked while she searched in a drawer then she finally handed me something black and gold. She muttered something about me not needing a bra and indicated that I put on the garment that she handed me. It turned out to be a pair of black panties liberally decorated with gold, which I pulled into place relieved to cover my nakedness. The after extracting something black and gold from the wardrobe she motioned for me to step into it. It turned out to be a black and gold dress and after Grace had pulled it into place she zipped it up at the back and putting a gold chain with a drop pearl to match my earrings she produced a pair of black pumps which I slid onto my feet. Grace again stood back to examine me while I tried to come to terms with my appearance. I had never appreciated how little girls wore for occasions like this. My shoulders and arms were completely bare apart from the tiny gold straps holding the bodice of the dress in place. The bodice finished at the waist and was replaced with a few layers of black and gold film masquerading as a skirt barely covering the black and gold panties. In a word I felt almost naked and didn’t know how I was supposed to go out like this. My thoughts were interrupted by Grace. “Now you can come and see what you look like,” she took my hand and guided me to the mirror. I was totally amazed by the reflection I saw. Looking back at me was this pretty girl in a black and gold dress and curly hair who didn’t look a bit like me, she looked wonderful “Well, what do you think?” asked Grace. I didn’t know what to say but eventually replied, “That can’t be me, can it? I look so pretty.”

    “Well my girl it is you, and I’m glad that you approve. I was thinking that because of the type of event that we’re going to there won’t be many boys in attendance,” she said with a mischievous look on her face. “However I’ll be taking my own boyfriend along and I won’t have to worry about him being bothered by another girl because he looks like one. In fact he looks absolutely wonderful.” With that she kissed me on the cheek, “you’re the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. Now we’d better go downstairs because Sister Susan will soon be here with the minibus to collect us.” She took my hand to lead the way, “won’t we need a coat or something?” I asked. “No I don’t think that we’ll bother, it’s a very warm evening especially for this time of year so I don’t think we’ll need anything to cover us up.” She led the way downstairs and when Mrs Wilson saw us she went into raptures, saying how nice we looked. At that moment we heard the minibus pull outside so we made are way outside into the gathering darkness to join up with the others. As soon as we stepped through the door I began to panic a little, I felt totally vulnerable because of my clothing, or should I say lack of clothing. All I had on was a pair of shoes, panties which were hardly covered by the layers of flimsy gauze the pretended to be a skirt. In my panic I stopped walking. “What’s the matter?” asked Grace. “I’m not sure that I can go out looking like this,” I replied. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’ll soon get over your nervousness and I’ll bet that you really begin to enjoy yourself.” She slid open the door of the bus which automatically turned the interior light on. I could see all the team in their best outfits not looking at all like the girls who I normally saw on the netball court. Alison spoke, “Hi Grace, love the dress, where’s Patricia?” “Thanks I like yours too, as for Patricia, who do you think this is?” She stepped out of the was so that Alison and the others could see me. She looked at me wide eyed and all she said was, “wow, doesn’t he look gorgeous.” As we clambered in the rest of the team craned their necks to get a better look at me, which made me begin to blush again.


We arrived at our venue after a few minutes and once inside, after coats and things had been deposited, I could see what all the rest of the team looked like. They bore very little resemblance to the girls I normally saw on the netball court. They had all obviously gone to a considerable amount of effort in their appearance. Even Katie with her big sturdy frame looked very feminine in a shiny black dress. Little Alison however focused my attention because she looked delightful in a powder blue satin dress with a short very full skirt. She was the only one of our group who was wearing socks and those were white anklets with a blue trim to match her dress. The problem was that I was the main focus to the rest of the team they all surrounded me making comments about my appearance.

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Nothing like a LBD for an evening out! Can't wait to read how the evening goes.