Champions Part 22

  Suddenly I awoke, something was not quiet right, it was still dark but I could see the time on my bedside clock. It was eleven thirty, I had only been asleep for just over an hour. Then I realised what was different, I was not alone in my bed. As I turned my head I could just see Grace’s eyes very close to mine looking at me. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” she said softly shuffling closer to me. “I had to go to the bathroom again and when I got back you looked so sweet lying there I couldn’t resist getting in with you. You don’t mind do you?” “Of course not, this bed’s more than big enough for both of us.” As I turned towards her my hand accidentally brushed against on of her breasts, I realised that she was naked. Her reaction to this accidental collision was to giggle softly and to whisper, “Hey you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself aren’t you?” Before I could react  or apologise she drew my head toward her and kissed me. I’d lost count of the number of times that she’d kissed me that day bit I loved it every time. She pulled back and I felt her hand slip around the back of my neck and undo the single button securing my nightdress. “I think that we’ll get on better without this, don’t you?” she said and before I knew it I felt my nightdress slip over my head and with a flick of her wrist the garment was tossed into the corner of the room. “There, that’s much better,” and as we lay down again she began to press her body close to mine. She may have been only fourteen but she obviously knew what she was doing and I wondered briefly just how many times she had done this sort of thing before. She wriggled in closer so that I was laying half on top of her and she began kissing me again. I was obviously getting aroused again but her kiss stopped as suddenly as it had started. She whispered into my ear, “come on big boy, kiss my breasts.” I had read about this sort of things in those ‘Adult’ magazines that boys always seem to acquire and read collectively in their special quite places. Some of my friends had even boasted that they had actually done those things but we knew that it was on the most part bravado. That and a fertile imagination although I suspected that in one or two cases that it had actually happened. If that sort of request Grace had just put to me had happened a few days previously I would have probably recoiled in horror. However laying there with our naked bodies pressing together it seemed like the most natural thing of all.

    I kissed each one of her breasts gently several times and each time I did so she let out a little purring sound of sheer pleasure. Then she placed her finger under my chin and began to kiss me on the lips again. This time I needed no prompting and my hand began to gently fondle her and she began to do the same to me. I don’t think that it occurred to either of us to go further than fondling each other, that sort of thing was best left to the future. Suddenly her body began to convulse again as she climaxed only this time they were far more violent than they had been earlier that day. Also her gasping and calling were much louder, so loud that I was worried that the Wilson’s would hear and think that something was wrong. However all remained quiet in the rest of the house. After what seemed like quite a long time her convulsions gradually ceased and she looked up at me and whispered, “Oh my, that was the best ever.” She then wriggled from underneath me so that she was now almost on top. “Well you’re not finished yet are you?” she said referring to my still hard and aching private member. “Well as you’re done something extra special to me I’ll do something extra special back.” Wit that she ducked her head under the bedclothes and before I knew what was happening I felt my member disappear into her mouth. I could feel her tongue move up and down and this made me jerk with every movement. I climaxed almost immediately only this time it was so violent my whole body seemed to go into spasms. 

All the time this was happening Grace kept up the motions with her tongue and I thought that the convulsions were never going to stop. All too soon however I was spent and Grace laid her head on my chest and with a contended, “Oh my,” she went to sleep. I woke up with a start; I could see that it was not yet quite light and then memories of the previous night came flooding back. Was it all a dream? Did I really do all those things with Grace? I couldn’t quite believe it had all happened. If proof were needed I realised that Grace was still laying next to me. I rubbed my eyes to focus and saw that she was awake, just laying there smiling. I then noticed the time, it was only six-o’clock, and I heard what had woken me, it was the soft beeping of the alarm on her watch. “Good morning sleepy head,” she said giving me a peck on the cheek. “Did you sleep well? I know I did.” “But it’s only six, I didn’t know that we had an early start.” “We don’t but I figured that Mrs. Wilson is the sort of person who would come in and wake us up with a hot drink. She might think it a bit strange if she found us both in the same bed without our nighties. So I thought that we ought to put matters right before she had the chance to come in.” So, I realised, she must have planned last nights little episode in advance. I didn’t know what to say. “Come on we can sort things out and get some more sleep before it’s really time to wake up.”

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