Standing Up To Life Chapter 13


As Mom came in the door she asked, “Brandon, are you ready to go?” I had almost forgotten that she wanted to go shopping for some stuff for my hair! “Umm…sure, let get my shoes on.” “Take your time, I need to go to the bathroom real quick before we leave,” she answered. I ran to put on my shoes on real quick and then we left to go to the store. I wasn’t exactly sure which store at that moment though. “Mom, where are we going anyway?” “We’re going to Wal-mart.” “And what exactly are we getting?” I asked tentatively. “Well, since you insist on growing your hair out we need to get a few things for you to take better care of your hair. Up till a couple of months ago. You could just use your shampoo, a comb and some hairspray and it worked, but now that’s it’s longer we’re going to need to do more.” I sat there dumbstruck, was this really happening? Maybe she’d buy me my own hair brush today! Who knows what else? We got to the busy parking lot and went inside. I suddenly was a little self conscious as we went into an aisle of the store that I couldn’t truly feel comfortable as a guy.

   “Well first thing we need to do is get you a hair brush, which one do you want.” She pointed to three of them, one black, one purple, and one in teal-blue. I actually had a number of things that were purple, including a jacket that I was wearing, and decided I wanted the purple one. “That one.” She kind of looked at me strange but went with it, putting it in the cart. She also grabbed a small collapsible one that came in black and put it in the cart. “You should have one in your backpack just in case you need to brush it elsewhere.” I smiled and said, “That’s a good idea.” I looked around at the rubber bands and other hair ties that were in the area. I saw  lot of Scrunchies, one of the new hot things all the girls had and wished I could get one. I had already decided though that I was not going to suggest anything to buy. I didn’t want to tip my parents off to anything - I was afraid the first thing they would do was shave my head… In the meantime I saw she had added a pick type comb to the cart. I let mom lead to the next aisle she thought we needed to go down. Disappointed that she hadn’t brought up rubber bands at least… We moved onto the next aisle that had shampoo and stuff. “Well let’s see. We need to get you a shampoo and conditioner set now. Why don’t we go with this brand, which scent do you want?” She asked while pointing to a brand that had like ten different scents. I really wanted to say strawberry, as it was my favorite flavor/fruit, but I was afraid that would give away too much. I settled on something I thought a boy or girl could go with: “How about the coconut scent?” I asked. “Okay, that’ll work.” She said while putting it in the cart. She then looked at the shelf and saw there was a matching hair spray for the brand and grabbed it. “Don’t I already have hair spray at home?” I asked. “You do, but I think this stuff will work better. And it’s also a match to the shampoo and conditioner, so it should work better.” She replied, matter-of-factly.

   She then walked down to another aisle where there were hair dryers. She looked at several hand blow dryers before settling on one. As she put it in the cart she said, “Your hair is going to take longer and longer to dry on it’s own, so it’s a good idea for us to speed that process up.” She started to go towards the front and asked me, “You are going to keep growing your hair out right?” “Yes,” I replied. “Because if I buy all this stuff for you, you can’t decide to just shave it back down again.” She told me. It was then that I became aware of there being cost associated with new hair style. “I’m going to stay with this for a while,” I replied. “Good.” She paused, then added, “Because I think you look good with longer hair.” That was the first comment I had gotten from my parents one way or another as to my new style. I was to say the least! We left Wal-Mart after paying for the supplies. On our way home I told her about Amy inviting me over on Monday. “Oh! Guess what!” I said. “Amy asked me to come over to her house on Monday!” I was excited, and she could see that.

   “Cool. So are you two going out?” Mom asked me, kind of teasingly, but genuinely wanting to know. “No, we’re just good friends. But isn’t that cool? I haven’t hung out with a friend from school in I don’t know how long… It’s going to be great!” Mom started making more inquiries about Amy and my friendship. Apparently she hadn’t realized how close of friends we had become at school. When we got home she looked at the map that Amy had drawn for her house and said, “She lives in a nice house over there.” Mom had met her mom a few times, especially in relation to the trip we had gone to. Her parents were also going to go along on the trip as sponsors. “Brandon, put this collapsible brush in your backpack right now before we forget. Then meet me in the bathroom.” She said. “Okay,” I replied smiling. I didn’t know why I was smiling, but I just was! I did as she asked and went to the bathroom. She held the purple brush in her hand. “With your hair getting longer you’re going to need to brush it out several times a day to keep it from getting ratty. Turn around.” She pushed my shoulders to where I could see what she was doing in the mirror while she was behind me. She spent the better part of five minutes telling me how to brush my hair right. “I’m also going to suggest that you start showering instead of taking a bath.” I must have looked heart broken, I loved taking baths. “You can still take them occasionally, but it’ll be a lot easier to wash the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair this way.” “Okay, I guess I can do that then.” I answered, a little mollified. 

   She then went on to tell me that she wanted me to take a shower after dinner using the new shampoo and conditioner, and then she was going to show me how to blow dry my hair. She was very specific on timing of the conditioner and stuff. I acted like I really didn’t want to do this stuff, but inside I was jumping up and down screaming ‘YES, YES, YES, YES!!’ We went out for dinner that night to a Mexican place. I liked spicy food, particularly the green chilli that we enjoyed in New Mexico, and it was one of my favorite places to eat. After a good dinner we went and rented some movies, and then went home. Mom told me to go shower and use the stuff she bought. I was excited. I spent more time in the shower on my hair than I ever had before. Now, while my hair had reached what I thought was a magnificent start (10 inches), it wasn’t going down to my shoulders yet. I probably spent as much time on it though that night as I would have it had been down to my butt. I got done and got dressed, beginning to brush my hair out and told mom that I was dressed. She showed me how to use the blow dryer effectively, and once I was done I noticed my hair seemed to be occupying more space somehow. “Mom, did my hair get bigger somehow?” “Yes I think it did. That’s part of what conditioner will do for you. Also brushing and blow drying it probably poofed it out a bit more too.” I sat down on the couch a few minutes later and we watched a movie till way past my normal bed time - I love spring break! I went to bed dreaming, scheming, and plotting to try and figure out a way to get some scrunchies of my own. I couldn’t believe just how great everything had gone today.

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Sep 15, 2012