Champions Part 23

  With that she jumped out of bed and scooping up my nightdress that she had so unceremoniously tossed away the previous night she handed back to me. I watched her as she moved around the room completely naked without showing the slightest sign of embarrassment. Seeing her body like that began to get me aroused again but I resisted the temptation to ask her back into my bed and slipped the nightdress over my head and fastened the buttons. She did the same thing and slipped into her own bed smiling at me as she did so. “Well it’s good night again my precious, sleep tight,” and with that she snuggled down to get some more sleep. As much as I tied I couldn’t sleep because the events of the previous day and night kept coming back to me. Apart from the fact I had spent the whole day masquerading as a girl I had slept naked with Grace, it was almost too much too take in. I was only fourteen (well not quite) after all and I thought that during the past few days I’d experienced more than someone quite a bit older than I was. I must have dropped off because the next thing I was aware of was being woken by the voice of Mrs. Wilson. “Come on my sweets, wake up you’ve a big day ahead.” Grace had guessed right but she was wrong about the hot drink because Mrs. Wilson was pushing a trolley laden down with a full breakfast. “Now I want you both to have a good tuck in to get your strength up for the day’s events.” With that she left us to get on with our meal. I sensed a change in Grace’s manner towards me because she smiled at me a lot and always seemed to want to do things for me. A little while later found us both ready and waiting for the bus to take us to the first day’s matches. I looked down at my netball kit and thought after the dress I had worn the previous evening even my tiny netball skirt looked positively modest in comparison. At the appointed time the bus arrived, Sister Susan was a stickler for punctuality, and we said goodbye to the Wilson’s for the present. All the girls on the bus looked very different from the previous evening because they were all ready in their netball kits. My hair still had the remnants of the curls that Grace had put in but she did explain that they would probably not last the day.

    The day started very badly for us because we lost the first match. Alison, Katie and Grace all seemed overcome by the occasion and played well below their normal standard. However after a pep talk from Sister Susan their game improved and we finished the day in qualifying for the next day’s knockout stages. Mr. and Mrs Wilson were overjoyed at our news when we got back to their house. Mrs. Wilson especially made a great fuss over us. Mr Wilson explained that we would just be a light snack because they had planned to take us both out to a restaurant for a meal later that evening. During the snack Mrs. Wilson confided in us. “I’m so glad that you qualified for tomorrow’s knockout,” she said. “You see I’ve been involved in the County Netball Association as a player, coach and lately administrator for most of my life. You see whenever the County Finals have been scheduled to be held in Durham we have always volunteered to put two of the girls up. Unfortunately every time we have done that the girls who have stayed with us have not qualified. We were beginning to think that we had some sort of jinx on us and Joe (Mr Wilson has always booked a table at a restaurant on the first evening so that we could commiserate with the girls over a good dinner. This year however you two have broken the jinx and we can go to the restaurant and celebrate instead. When we finished our snack Mr. Wilson suggested that we go to our room and rest. He reminded us, not that we needed reminding, that we had a big day ahead. He also told us that we would be leaving for the restaurant at seven. As soon as we got to our room Grace began to take off her netball *****, “this ***** can make you get too hot especially in this sort of weather,” she said unwrapping her netball skirt. I decided to do the same and went over to my bed and began to undress. 

I was down to my knickers when I looked over my shoulder and saw Grace carefully folding her kit in readiness for the following day. She hadn’t stopped at her knickers and was standing there completely naked and she just smiled when she saw me looking at her. She didn’t seem to mind me seeing her in a complete state of undress; in fact she seemed to enjoy it. Her body was really developing; she had small firm breasts, a narrow waist and light covering of hair around her pubic region. I lamented on my late start into the approach to adulthood and my slow progress at developing. I decided to keep my knickers on as I was too shy to copy Lynd and I lay on top of my bed and stretched.  Grace came over and lay down next to me and also stretched her limbs. “Oh that does feel good,” she said. “By the way, did you know that we’ve entered the Summer Netball League this year?” I had heard something about it but hadn’t taken much notice. “Yes they’ve even allowed us to choose our summer lightweight *****. It’s an all in one sleeveless dress with built in briefs and a flared skirt. You’ll really like it and you’ll look fabulous in it.” I wanted to remind her that my excursions on the netball pitch would be finished as soon as the Finals were over but I didn’t want to argue. Grace cuddled up to me and we both dozed for a while. After about three quarters of an hour she sat up and said that it was time for us to get ready. We repeated the bathroom arrangements as the previous evening and when we were both back in the room thoroughly scrubbed she suggested that it was my turn to get ready first. I sat there as she examined my wet hair. “It’s a pity that your curls have disappeared but it’s not such a posh do tonight so think if we comb it a little different you’ll look OK.” I was relieved at not having to go through those tortures again while she set to with drier and comb. When she had finished she stood back and, satisfied with her handiwork, she gave me a liberal does of hairspray. “Now for some makeup, not so much as yesterday, just mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, I think.” With that she began applying things to my face and was soon finished. “Well even though I say so myself you don’t look half bad.” She spun me round so that I could see myself in the mirror and there looking back at me was that same girl who went out dancing the previous evening. “It’s a good job you’re around, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do,” I said still transfixed with my reflection. “Well when we get back home I’ll give you a few lessons,” she replied giggling at the thought. “Now what is madam going to wear tonight, I know, I’ve just thought of the very thing.” She opened a drawer and lift out two white items of clothing. “Here, slip these on.” They were a pair of knickers, not dissimilar to my ‘school’ knickers but smaller and they had delicate lace edges. After I had them on I slid out of my bathrobe and she came closer to me. “Now for one night only, and bearing the dress you’re going to wear, I’ve decided to give you a treat.” “What is it?” “Tonight my girl you’re going to develop a bust, now turn around so you’re facing away from me.” I didn’t know how to react to that so I did as she asked with my thought in turmoil. I was thinking that I’m a boy and boys don’t have busts, but then boys don’t wear dresses and knickers either, I was getting confused.

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Sep 16, 2012