Champions Part 24

  She held something in front of me and guided my arms through some straps. I then felt her pull the whole thing tight to my chest and after she fiddled with the adjustable straps she turned me round to face her. I realised that the bra matched the knickers perfectly, they must have been a set I thought. “Now for some kidology,” she said with a grin and proceeded to stuff the small cups with wads of cotton wool. “Trade secrets,” she said giggling at me looking down bemused at my newly formed breasts. “That was my first ever bra, I’ve grown to big for it now but I knew that it would come in handy sometime and it’s nice to know that it’s gone to a good home.” She stopped for a minute and looked thoughtful, “is anything wrong?” “No I just thought of something,” she replied. She went to the wardrobe and took out a shoe box, then from a drawer she pulled something white. “Our mothers decided to buy you these shoes and I thought that they would be a perfect match with the dress I decided that you’ll wear this evening (this was news to me because I thought that all the girlish stuff that I had with me had been borrowed I didn’t know that Mum had been out to buy me shoes as well). I thought that as they were new shoes then socks would be better than anything else just in case the shoes rubbed and made your feet sore. The only problem is that I’m not sure how you’ll get on walking in them.” 

From the box she took out a pair of pale blue slip on shoes and I immediately saw what she meant. They had spiky heels. They were only an inch or so high but nevertheless they were heels and even I wondered how I would get on with them. “Come on we’ll see how you manage.” So after pulling on the familiar white knee socks I slipped the shoes on and dressed only in a bra and knickers I began to walk up and down the bedroom. Although the shoes felt odd they seemed quite comfortable and I managed to walk without any problems. “Are you sure that you haven’t worn heels before?” asked Grace, “You’re walking fine, just as though you’re used to wearing them, do they feel comfy?” “Yes, they’re fine.” “Good then let’s finish getting you dressed then I will have time to sort myself out.” From out of the wardrobe she produced a pale blue dress, almost identical in colour to the shoes I was still wearing. She unzipped it and helped me step into it. Unlike my previous experience with a dress this one had sleeves and she helped me slide my arms into them before zipping me up at the back. The top of the dress was quite tight then from the waist was skirt gently flared out to almost a full circle. Grace said the style was called ‘fit and flare.’ The hemline of the skirt came down to just below mid thigh and close to the hem was a white zigzag band going all the way round. This pattern was repeated around the high collar and the cuffs of the sleeves. I realised that the tightness of the bodice really emphasised my newly acquired bust, this was the reason that she’d made me wear the bra because the dress looked, and fitted, so much better with it and I kept looking down at it bewildered.

    “Now let’s have a look at you,” she said, “yes you look very nice, so cute in fact I could almost eat you.” She came over and gave me a playful peek on the cheek. “You’ve grown a bit too, haven’t you?” I realised what she meant because with the heels I was wearing I was now almost exactly the same height as she was. Normally I was an inch or two shorter. “Now for goodness sake stop looking down at your breasts, they’re for other people to look at not you.” She sat down to finish off her own makeup and fiddle with her hair. “Listen isn’t that Mrs Wilson’s voice? Do you think that she wants us for something?” “I’ll go and see while you finish getting ready,” and I left her to go and fine the elderly lady. On the way down the stairs I almost fell, my unaccustomed heels caught me out, I was thankful for the banister rail, which saved me from crashing down to the bottom. Reminding myself to be more careful I found Mrs. Wilson in the kitchen, “Hello my dear, my you do look nice, isn’t your friend ready yet? She looked at the clock, “never mind, there’s plenty of time.” I told her the reason that I was there and she chuckled quietly. “No my dear I wasn’t calling you, I was shouting at those horrid cats to get them out of the garden. They make such a mess you. Now as you’re here I thought you might be interested in this.” She picked up a large brown paper envelope. “I was clearing out the cupboard the other day when I found this.” She pulled out a couple of large and very old looking photographs and laid them on the table. “That was when my Girl Guides netball team won the County Championships.” 

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Sep 16, 2012