Standing Up To Life Chapter 17


When I came out of shock I ran through my brain about how my body felt. It really didn’t feel like anything was seriously injured, but I didn’t get up right away because it just seemed like too much work at that moment… “Miss, are you okay?” I turned my head to see a ski patrolman standing next to me. “Umm..” miss? Well, I don’t want to seem like a freak, so I decide not to correct him. “Yeah, I just decide it was more comfortable on the ground.” I said with a slight chuckle that sounded more like a giggle. I got up from the ground and walked a few steps. “Yep, nothings broken except my pride.” I looked down the hill and saw Amy walking up the slope to me. She was almost up to where I was. In the meantime the patrolman was nice enough to recover my skis for me. “Are you alright?” Amy asked me. “Yeah, like I told him, nothings hurt other than maybe a little pride. But at least it was a pretty spectacular dive!” The patrolman said, “it was a pretty good one, I was worried that you were actually hurt from that one. Well, since you’re not I’ll leave you two ladies to continue. Have a good day.” Amy stood with a bemused expression on her face. “You know Brandon we could have some fun with this…” “Umm… let’s just worry about me not killing myself the rest of the day!” I said laughing. “Oh, alright, you’re no fun!” She replied. “But we need to fix your hair real quick, your headband is really crooked now!” She did that and we started down the slope again.

 Fortunately for me there weren’t any other moguls sections on that trail and we had a pretty uneventful trip back down the slope. As I skied down the slope I was deep in thought about the day so far. On one hand part of me was  going, ‘YES! YES! YES!’ I mean, I wanted to be a girl, I should be happy that I’d been referred as such twice that day right? On the other hand I had a healthy dose of fear. What would Amy say if she knew I wanted to be a girl? What would her parents say? What would my parents say? And obviously, what would the kids at school say? We got down to the bottom and Amy looked at me curiously. “Brandon, don’t worry about them calling you a girl, it’s not a bad thing. I personally don’t care what they call you; you’ll be my best friend no matter what at this point. Plus, no one from school would care if they saw you here today. And, my parents both like you enough they don’t care what you look like either.” “Best friend? Really?” I asked. “Yes, you really are my best friend Brandon. I guess I haven’t ever come out and said it to you, but I’ve said it to my mom plenty of times.” We put our skis in a ski rack and walked into the lodge at the base of the mountain. She found a couple of chairs by the fireplace that we could sit in for a few minutes while we kept talking. The rest of the room was pretty vacant.

   I knew without a doubt that she meant it and that I could trust her probably more than any other person on the planet. “Thanks Amy, you are definitely my best friend too. I never realized that you felt that way about me as well. It’s kind of strange though isn’t it, a guy and a girl being best friends, but not having any interest in dating each other?” “Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is I really don’t care one way or another as long as you don’t.” She said. “I certainly don’t, I couldn’t think of a better person to have as a best friend myself.” I said. “Well, now that we have that settled are you a little more okay about the comments?” “I guess. I just hope that no one from school sees me this weekend. I’d hate to have to endure one more thing at school.” I said. “You’ll be fine Brandon, you’re been doing so much better at dealing with them that I honestly think it would worth their time. Besides, I’d help you out if something were to happen, okay?” “Okay, anyway do you know where the bathroom is? I really need to go.” “Yeah, I’ll show. I really need to go too!”

   We walked down a hallway and found a set of restrooms. I half hesitated when I went into the men’s room… I hoped no one freaked out and thought I was a girl going in the guys room… Thankfully the restroom was empty when I went into it, and I came out without anyone seeing me. I waited for Amy outside of the restroom and she emerged shortly. “Ready to go back up?” She asked. “Yeah. Do we have time for another run?” I asked looking at my watch. It read 3:30 at that moment. “We should if we hurry and take one of the easier green trails we can go faster on.” I nodded and we hurried off to grab our skis and go up the chair lift.

   There was a different guy at the bottom of the lift and he said, “Have a good run ladies.” I couldn’t believe it… Maybe my plan could actually work. Amy was pretty accepting of me at this moment - and I thought she would be if I ever told her the truth too. I just didn’t know if I could do that yet… I decided it didn’t matter right now. The important thing was to have fun with my newest best friend - or at least my newly announced best friend. We got to the top and Amy said, “Let’s try not to kill you again okay? I want to go shopping once we’re done with this run!” I said, “I’d certainly like to stay in one piece too, so I’ll go for that plan.” With that we began down the slope. Thankfully this time we didn’t have anymore acrobatics from me, and we made it down to the spot we were supposed to meet her parents at 4:20. We thought we might beat them, but they were already sitting there drinking coffee. 

   “How was your day guys?” Mrs Hancock asked. Amy answered first, “Well other than Brandon trying to kill himself on some moguls not much!” She said with a wink. “You had a decent spill huh?” Mr Hancock asked. “It looked pretty impressive at least. I wasn’t hurt, but I definitely tumbled a bit. I had fun though.” I said grinning. I could tell that they decided it must not have been a big deal by the way their faces relaxed a bit. “Well want do you want to do now?” Amy asked her parents. “Why don’t we go down into town and go shopping on Main Street. Then we’ve got reservations at a restaurant for 6:30pm. Does that sound alright?” Her mom asked. We both nodded. “Okay then, let’s put the skis up on the rack and then get going!” Her dad said. We got everything loaded up and sat back down in her parents car. As we were leaving my hand moved up to my hair to scratch my head and I noticed the headband was still there.. Oh no!

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