Champions Part 25

I looked at the first photo, which showed a group of young netball players posing in much the same way as teams do today. One girl sitting in the front centre was proudly holding the same trophy that we were playing for that weekend. I guessed the picture must have been about sixty years old, the girls all had their hair tightly curled and they wore rather shapeless gymslips, which came down to below their knees. They all wore ankle socks and rather clumpy looking lace up shoes. The other photo was of one of the girls from the group alone and holding the cup. “Look that’s me,” she said pointing to a rather pretty girl sitting in the front row, “and that’s one of me alone,” and she indicated the other picture. “The netball uniform has changed a bit over the years hasn’t it? We wouldn’t have dared wearing the ***** you girls wear today,” she chuckled to herself. “In those days it was considered very unladylike to reveal your knees and to give anyone the slightest glimpse of your knickers was considered a major scandal. Do you know that we actually had little lead weights sewn into the hems of our skirts to stop them flying around too much?” I involuntarily looked down at my own flighty little skirt and wondered what would have happened if anyone back then had worn anything similar. She carried on reminiscing for a few minutes the I excused myself saying that I was going to see where Grace had got to.

    I had a surprise when I went into the room because Grace had obviously just finished getting dressed and was posing in front of the mirror. The surprise was that she was wearing a pair of pale lemon flared trousers and a white silk blouse. The blouse had full sleeves with rows of frills cascading down the front from the lace collar. “Ah Patricia, you’re just in time to see the finished effect.” She picked up a pale lemon object from the chair and slipped her arms into it, it was a tight fitting waistcoat. When fastened I noticed that it buttoned to just below her bust, emphasising her breasts. She then fluffed the front frills of the blouse so that some of them fell outside the waistcoat. Then after a final look in the mirror she turned to me, “well, what do you think?” “Er, you look very nice.” “I think I detect a little doubt in your voice, don’t you like my outfit then?” “Oh yes you look really nice in it, it’s just that…” my voice trailed off. She followed my gaze and said, “I take it that you’re not sure about the trousers.” “It’s just that I’ve never seen you wearing trousers before, that’s all.” “Well, I admit, I don’t wear them very often but when I saw this outfit in the shop I fell in love with it so I just had to have it. Then tonight I thought that as we’re now officially a boyfriend/girlfriend item then one of us ought to be wearing trousers, at least some of the time.” She gave me a mischievous grin, “and as you look cute in that skirt I thought that I’d better be the one to make the sacrifice.” With that she flipped my little flirty skirt high in the air and giggled at my embarrassment. She did look gorgeous but I liked her better in skirts, then I could see her lovely legs. “Grace, can I ask you a couple of questions?” “Of course you can, fire away. Is there anything bothering you?” “No, it’s not that,” I said. “It’s just that you know that dress that I wore last night, is it yours?” “Yes it’s mine and I’ll treasure the memory of seeing my sweet little boyfriend in it whenever I wear it in future. Why, is it important?” It’s just that apart from my netball ***** I seem to have spent the past couple of days wearing your clothes. The dress I wore last night, the school skirt, the nightdress, I’m even wearing your underwear. I bet this dress is yours as well.” “Well actually it’s not,” she said. “Let me explain. When we heard that you’d agreed to come here and play in the finals Mummy offered to help your Mum get you some suitable clothes together to bring with you. Now most of the stuff that they packed in your case was mine, you see I’m a little bigger than you so most of it is stuff that I’ve outgrown. I say most of it because they decided that you should have your own underwear, socks and shoes etc. So today is the first time that you’ve worn my underwear and that is a bra and pants set that I’ve got too big for. I think that your Mum was getting a bit concerned that you’d be going away like Little Orphan Annie with nothing to wear but hand me downs to wear. So when they were out buying your underwear and stuff your Mum saw that dress and fell in love with it. Then after a bit of persuasion from Mummy she bought it for you. So now you know that the dress you’re looking so cute in at this moment is actually yours and yours alone. Apart from that all the other stuff of mine that you’re brought with you is stuff that I’ve either outgrown or I don’t wear anymore. So that’ll be no need for you to return it when we get back, you can do with it what you will. Who knows? I might even persuade you to wear some of it for me sometime.”

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