Change Can Be...6

Life changes will come when you least expect them...and for Mitch and family, they least expected it...Lynn had been working for this company for some time and she had really enjoyed he possition. And so, the company had really liked the job she did for them! So much so that they had offered her a new possition at a pay increase and a few more benies to go with it! BUT the thing was, she would need to move to another state- the company would pay for it, but the kids would be moved to another school, new friends, new house...There was nothing keeping her...except, this is where her husband is buried...of course, he would say--'take the job! go where you need to! It's ok..I'm ok...' now she needed to talk to the kids and get there take on this---would they have a problem leaving this area- school- friends...she had to do this toninght....

Lynn was home early, knowing it was going to be abit of a hard selll to her children-- they had just gotten back into school and getting ready for a new year with friends and such. As Mitch, Deb and Cat arrived home...suprised to see mom home at this time, she asked them to sit down...that she had something to ask them...she the told them of the offer and what it would mean to her...and what it what do for the family...yes, it would be hard to move to a new town in a new state..but it would all be for the better! Mitch had no problem with the idea...he thought it would cool to move! Cat had even less to big deal to her...but then Deb had something to say about this...she still had a part time job that she really liked...and then there was this boy at school she liked and she had plans of getting to know him alot better!!! She would have to think about this alittle...Lynn understood and said she would talk to her tomorrow...

Deb got up and waked to her room- Mitch followed her...hey Deb, is there really a reason for not wanting to go? And what's all this about some guy at school?! Deb sat on her bed...I just made that up Mitch...there's no guy...I just don't want to leave my job...I know mom's excited about her job thing...I guess I'm being selfish...but I really like working with the clothes and all- then she looked at Mitch and smilled- STOP IT DEB! and she did can get another job Deb..but mom needs to work at something...and she really wants this--- I problem, I'll tell her not to worry...we'll go and we'll do great!! Thanks Deb.. Mitch....aren't you forgetting something? What you mean Deb- oh! yeah... well...I guess I forgot about that--are you wearing them, little brother? Yeah, and you know? It isn't too bad! I like them! Well, you just keep those gift from me to get you started and all! Again, they both laughed!...Thanks again Deb!!

After the kids let her know the answer on the move, Lynn informed her company that, yes she would take the possition and when would they need to get to her new office...she needed to get ready now! They would need to be there within the month...this was going to be interesting! ...but they would pull together and do it- as always! One afternoon, while all the family was together in the house, Deb was the first to remember to ask the question-- where are we moving? Mitch was watching the news on tv and wasn't listening all that close to the conversation so he didn't hear what mom's answer to Deb was...the news broadcast he was watching was talking about some small town in another state...something about some of the male students in a school wearing skirts to class...Mitch took notice of this--say what? He tried to listen see the film they were showing and wondering about how the people got away with that without being made fun of by the other kids! The news broadcast ended and Mitch sat and wondered how these kids gaot away with wearing skirts?...OH NO. I'm. not even going to think about something this! The panties were something...well, hard to understand for himself...but wearing dresses and skirts -- to school? Now that's something he would never need to worry about...but he still wondered how they did it!

Time seemed to pass very quickly- the house was sold, belongings packed, and the day came the movers arrived. The moving truck was loaded and then they were on their way to their new home...the family was both excited and worried at the same time...what would they find in this new would the people take them--outsiders as they would the kids get along with the new school---and mom'd new job...she hoped she would prove herself and her family would be happy....after two days of travel, the new town came into they drove into town, Mitch saw the WELCOME said- WELCOME TO PLACETON A GREAT PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY- now that was a good sign to see-- and Mitch sat up in his seat...the name of this town...he thought he had heard of it before---but where?...he knew he had heard of was somewhere in the back of his mind...where was it....Holy crap! Now he remembered! That school! Those kids! The skirts? Oh wow! Lynn and Mitch's sisters had not been watching the news when he had seen that story about that school...what a change this was going to be!!!

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Sep 17, 2012