Champions Part 26

  I was just taking this all in when we heard the sound of tyres on gravel outside. It was Mr. Wilson getting the car out so it was time for us to leave. A few minutes later we were once again sitting in the back of the Wilson’s car being taken out for a meal. I remember thinking to myself that there couldn’t be many boys who actually owned a dress. The restaurant turned out to be a sort of country club and as we drive in I saw a sign say ‘Live Music Nightly.’ After a very sumptuous meal we adjourned to another room where there was a quartet playing and people were dancing. We sat at a table and watched the proceedings for a while then Mrs. Wilson leant over and spoke to us. “Us two are past the age when we could dance, but why don’t you two go and join in?” Grace didn’t need asking twice, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the centre of the floor. We stood apart moving in time to the closing bars of a fast tune then the band began to play a slow waltz type number. Grace immediately drew me close and put her arms around me despite my protestations that I didn’t know what to do. She laughed and just told me to move and turn round with the rhythm and she would guide me. So doing what she said and following her occasional tutoring we began and I found that it wasn’t so difficult. It was odd being up close to her on the same level looking directly into her eyes because I normally had to look up to her. The other thing was that being so close my newly acquired breasts kept coming into contact with hers. Every time this happened she let out a quiet giggle as if she was enjoying the experience. We weren’t late getting back to the house because we knew that we had a big day ahead. After thanking the Wilson’s for a great evening we retired to our room and as soon as I got inside I kicked off my shoes and socks and asked Grace to help me unzip my dress because I found that it was impossible to do it myself. I stepped out of it and carefully laid it on a chair and, still wearing my bra and knickers set I threw back my bedclothes and flopped onto the cool sheets. I didn’t pull the covers up over me but just lay there feeling warm and contented inside. Grace, by now was in the same state of undress as me and I noticed for the first time that she too had matching bra and knickers only hers were lacy and black. She came over and lay down beside me and after cuddling up close she spoke. “We mustn’t get up to anything naughty tonight we must conserve all our energy for tomorrow.” I nodded in agreement, then she whispered, “I’d like to stay in here with you though, if you’ll let me.” At that moment there was nothing I wanted more so I again nodded and she kissed me briefly on the lips. I was manfully trying to ignore the first sensations of arousal from the area of my knickers when she cuddled up really close and lay her head on what would, under normal conditions, be my chest. Instead she nuzzled my bra, giggled softly and almost immediately went to sleep. She looked so peaceful I hadn’t the heart to disturb her. Neither of us had changed into our nighties but I reasoned that it wouldn’t matter for one night if we slept in our underwear. So I gently pulled up the bedcovers, switched off the lamp and lay there feeling her body close to mine feeling more content than I could ever remember. I then drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep.


    The next morning we were awakened again by the soft beeping of Grace’s watch alarm. She raised herself and tossed me my nightie, “here sexy knickers, put this on it’s time for me to go home.” I slipped the nightie over my bra and knickers and watched her do the same then she climbed into her own bed and closed her eyes. I must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing I knew I was woken up by Mrs. Wilson bringing in our breakfast. After  eating I went to the bathroom to wash and once there I found that I had a problem. Unable to resolve it I completed my ablutions and returned to the bedroom where Grace was putting on her netball *****. When I removed my bathrobe and nightie Grace looked at me and grinned. “I think you must really like wearing your bra.” Yes I was still wearing the bra from the previous evening. “It’s not that, I can’t get the thing off,” I replied feeling rather stupid. She began to laugh, “Why didn’t you ask for help? Come here let me show you.” She walked over to me, “bra fastenings can be a bit fiddly but they’re not too bad when you get used to them. Now the easiest way if like you, you haven’t much in there is to do this.” She had me slip my arms out of the straps and then how simple it was to spin the back to the front. Then being able to see what I was doing it was simple to undo the hook fastenings and the garment came away in my hand. “See, simple isn’t it when you know how.” I felt myself starting to blush and got on with getting ready for the day’s sport. The day went in a blur because we seemed to be playing netball for most of the time. Everyone in the team played their hearts out because at the end of that day there would be only four teams left to play for the Championship the following day. The results were difficult to work out because the formula used for points scored and deducted was a bit complicated. All we knew was that we kept winning but because of the formula that was no guarantee of success. The four teams with the most points at the end of the day would go forward to play a single game the following morning. The top two teams would play for the Championship and the other two would play for third place. When we had played our final game we were all pretty well exhausted. There were several games still going on but we all knew we had acquitted ourselves well; even if we hadn’t scored enough points to go on we were all satisfied with our performance. Suddenly Sister Susan who had been checking with the scorers came rushing over looking excited.

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Sep 18, 2012