Unchared Isle Part 3

When Jamie woke, the day was bright, beautiful and sunny. The sea was once again calm and flat. They had come aground on a beach in a small inlet that seemed to be protected against all but the severe weather they had experienced during the night. There was rocky reef either side of the inlet and the reef extended out to sea. Also there was a large stone light house guarding the reef although no one had seen its light last night. During the storm quite a few containers had also washed up onto the beach as well as the usual detritus. Jamie scanned the beach and surrounding area but it all seemed deserted. Jamie could sense something, but was unable to pin point it.
On higher ground above the lighthouse there appeared to be a long building also made of stone. The others had come up on deck while Jamie was looking around. The crew dropped a ladder off the edge of the boat and one by one the all descended to the beach, while the captain tried unsuccessfully to make contact. All the instruments were also still wildly changing readings.
The group moved along the beach and Tim and Jamie opened each container as the came to them. The first one was laden with tools of all sorts including wheel barrows, shovels, rakes, picks and spades - a serious set of gardening tools Jamie thought to himself. He shut the doors again. The next two containers were absolutely packed with clothes of all sizes and shapes. The group continued to move along the beach and came across a refrigerated container, the refrigeration unit still functioning. There were six large 90Kg gas bottles still attached the gauges showing plenty of gas still there. The electrical fitting had housing damage when the container was ripped from the deck but the pins remained intact. So long as they had gas or power, the unit would be usable. It was packed with animal carcasses hanging from hooks on the roof, all still frozen solid. The next container had more clothes and the last full of tinned food. The group moved on and up steps and ramps to the large squat building.
The building was a complete living quarters with bedroom area, bathroom, laundry, mess area and kitchen A large fireplace dominated the mess area. Everything had covers thrown across to keep the dust out. The kitchen area was fully fitted out with large fridges and freezers all propped open. With all the appliances, there had to some form of power supply as there was also lighting. Jamie took time and went in search for switchboards and maybe a power source. Jamie threw the main switch on. Surprisingly, power came on. The leading crew person organised the group to give the kitchen area a clean, fridges, freezers and appliances given the once over and switched on. With all hands it wasn't long before every surface was gleaming. There was now hot and cold running water supplied from somewhere and an industrial dishwasher. All the cutlery and crockery found was put through the machine to ensure there were no nasties lying hidden in or on the utensils.
Leaving the others, Tim and Jamie went down to have a look at the lighthouse and to investigate why there was no light. They found that the light had burnt out but fortunately there were several spares stored. A little ingenuity and the light was replaced, careful not to leave fingerprints or marks on the glass. Pressing a button marked "TEST" and the light burst into life. The light was obviously on a time switch or light sensor.
They came back to find everyone giving the bedroom, large dorm style area,  a clean and taking the covers off furniture and beds. There were more than enough beds for all. The boys rigged sheets up to give themselves and the girls some privacy.
Outside, Jamie and Tim discovered a tool shed. Inside they found power tools, chainsaws, fuel supplies, long extension leads and a powerful electric winch. Jamie had the idea of moving the containers off the beach and closer to the living quarters. This would enable easier access to food and clothing if necessary. They also worked on a plan, using the winch, to get the boat back into the water. Unfortunately, the navigation equipment in the boat was still unstable. The captain referred to her charts and said she couldn't find any island that seemed matched where they were.
After getting the supplies and everyone's gear from the boat, the crew prepared an evening meal for everyone. It had been a busy day and most were tired from the hard work.
Their situation brought everyone much closer together. They made plans for the next day. At twilight the lighthouse began to operate, casting its light to warn of the treacherous reefs nearby. Maybe if the light had been working, they wouldn't be in this situation.
Everyone turned in early for the night being tired after a long day and sleep-deprived previous night.
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I'm beginning to get intrigued by this story. Nice story.