Champions Part 32

  “Now we mustn’t get carried away now we are going to need all our energy for the match. Maybe we can find time later, I hope we can.” She relieved her weight from me and sat up leaving me with my aching member still manfully trying to escape from it confines.” What’s the matter?” she said sensing something wasn’t right. I was too embarrassed at my involuntary state to say anything but as I looked down she followed the direction of my eyes. “Oh, I see,” she said realising what my predicament was, “well I guess that we have no alterative but expend some of your energy otherwise you may find it difficult to run. Come on, lay back and we’ll soon sort you out.” I lay back on the bed with my feet still touching the floor. She knelt before me and with some deft movements of her hands I felt my knickers and briefs removed in one go. I glanced down and the front of my skirt bore close resemblance to a tent, as my member, now free from all restrictions, stood up ramrod straight. Then as I closed my eyes I felt her gently push my legs apart and unfasten my skirt so that it dropped out of the way. I felt her lips close over my straining member and then with it completely in her mouth she began to use her tongue massage. It goes without saying that I climaxed immediately, exploding violently into her mouth and after a few sensuous movements I was spent and she withdrew her mouth my member began to shrink back to its normal size. She let me lay there for a minute or two, my legs still spread wide, while I recovered. “Now come along my girl, make yourself decent we’ll have to leave soon.” as I replaced my knickers and briefs and wrapped my skirt around my waist she sat watching me smiling. “You know my girl you must try to control those urges of yours,” then seeing my blush she giggled in that delightful way of hers. Then taking my hand and holding it tightly as if she feared that I might escape she led the way to find the Wilson’s. All the way to the Finals as we sat in the back of the Wilson’s car Grace cuddled up very close to me still holding my hand. I know that we were very nervous but there was more to her actions than pure nerves. We arrived to find only two of the team there, like us all the team members were being brought in by their hosts. However after a few minutes that had all arrived including the Sisters Susan and Wendy and even they were looking nervous. Both matches were scheduled to start at the same time and all too soon we were called on court to meet our opponents. Dressed all in pale blue the opposing team looked formidable, for a start they were all bigger than us and we all felt that we were in for a rough time.

    Looking back at the actual match is somewhat of a blur in my memory. I think that because it was played at such a frantic pace. I didn’t have time to take much of it in. All I do remember is that although we had been playing well we began the fourth and final quarter one down. Our better tactics matched the physical superiority of the opposition with the ever-reliable Katie directing matters from Centre. Then suddenly in a lightning series of passes starting deep in our defence, carried on by Katie and Alison who flicked a pass to me which I passed straight into Coral’s outstretched hands. Coral who had somehow anticipated all this was already jumping for the net almost before I released the ball. This completely wrong footed the opposing defence and before they realised it the ball was dropping through the net. We were level and we were ecstatic, I glanced at the touchline and even the normally staid Sister Wendy was jumping up and down and cheering. It was end-to-end stuff from then on, every attack from either side was quickly countered and I began to think that we’d be heading for a sudden death shoot out. Then almost on the final whistle I noticed that Coral was out of position after attempting yet another assault on the opposition net. For some reason, I decided to cover for her by moving my position to the edge of the ‘D’. Alison who had just received the ball saw my move and reacted quickly by passing it straight into my hands. As soon as the ball touched my palms I didn’t even set myself up I just fired it at the net and I stood looking in amazement as it dropped straight through the hoop. We didn’t even have time to celebrate before the shrill of the whistle sounded to end the match. It was fantastic because somehow despite all the odds we had won, we were actually County Champions. Netball is played in the best traditions of sportsmanship and apart from a little excited jumping we studiously shook hands with the opposition as we walked off court. It was however a different matter once we stepped over the touchline because we were immediately mobbed by all of our hosts, some of the girls from other teams who had come along to watch. The that I remember most of all was seeing Sister Susan and Sister Wendy hugging each other and shouting for all they were worth. “How on earth did Patricia score that last net?” yelled Katie. “It was so quick it didn’t even touch the hoop,” said Coral. “and I’m supposed to be the shooter.” As tradition dictates Katie, as team captain, was the hoisted onto the shoulders of the attending mob. Then suddenly I felt hands grabbing me and I too found myself hoisted high in the air and we were paraded around the court. They kept complimenting me on that last shot and I felt that I couldn’t really tell them that it was pure luck and that I probably wouldn’t be able to do it again.

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An excellent story, as this series has been so far. Where will it go now??? Nice writing.