Change Can Be..11

Mitch's mind was swimming in thought..the clothes, what Nick had told him, Debby had helped him in the first step of his attraction to the 'girl' side himself- as she called it! Was he going to try out this new idea? Would Cat think less of her big brother if he did? And what if Alan finds out!? Would he give Mitch a hard time about it..would he even understand the situation...he didn't know what to do...but then Nick had the answer-- Look Mitch...I know you're having trouble trying to figure this out...but why not- listen and hear me out before you say no-- just try on some of my stuff and see what you think...if you don't like it, take it off and no harm least you will know if you want to go any farther with this...and if you DO like it, well, we can talk about that then...I don't know Nick...aboyt that time there came a knock on Nick's bedroom door-- hey guys! It's me up! Mitch opened the door and Deb stood there with a smile on her face...what's up Deb? Can I talk to ya Mitch?...yeah..ok...Look, Sue was filling me in on this whole school- town- guy- girl- skirts ...the whole it ok to discuss here or should I wait till we get home--It's ok Deb, Nick and I have been talking too...this whole thing is heads been trying to figure it all out- yeah, I know too---listen, we've been talking...Sue told us about Nick- and I for one don't have a problem with this...Cat was kind-a giggly about it, but she's cool with it, she saw a bunch of really cute guys at school and she said they looked GOOD! They all laugh at that- Mitch looks at Deb..knowing where this going...So Deb...what are you and I have talked before about- things...You're right, we have, so this is your big chance to see how it all feels, and no-one is going to give you and crap! Of course, it may come as abit of a shock to mom...but we can say that you are just trying to fit in...keep it low key...only, try not to get too excited in the dress! ...remember the last time! DEBBY!! Red faced, Mitch about knocked his sister onto the bed! Nick just laughed! Hey guys...been there! And yes, you will have to keep focus--but I think you will like it..Deb, you enjoy wearing a dress, right? Oh feels great..Mitch and I have talked about yeah... Mitch, go ahead and try it..the worst that can happen is you don't want to do it again...and you can then say you tried it and get it out of your system...I don't think mom is gonna have a big problem with it.... I'll go talk to her and aunt Lynda and kind-a feel them out about this...prepare them for just start alittle at a time...OK? You'll be ok Mitch...with that, she was gone to see her mom and aunt--

Well cuz? You game? Wait a minute said you you get fully dressed!? You know..dress, wig, shoes, even make-up? Yup! That I do! OK, well, tell you what..yopu get dressed too...but not all dolled up, just a little..then we'll both go out and see what the reactions are to me and know, that sounds's a few things to try on- for the next half hour the boys tried skirts, dresses, combos of different clothing until they were neady to face the family....Nick came out into the living room first..he could tell that Deb and he thought Sue had told the women that the boys were going to do this...the expression on Lynn's face- OH My! Nick? Yes aunt's me..I'm not all done up, but you get the idea! and alittle giggle- but wait till you see Mitch! He's not all done either, but he tried a few things of see if he even wanted to do this-- it's something people need to get used to...for me, I don't visit as Nicky unless I'm all in...but that's just me...everyone is different--- Come on out Mitch! Everyone's waiting! Mitch slowly came around the corner...he was in a nice pale blue pleted skirt and white shirt, black shoes with white ankle socks...Lynn could see the outline of a bra through the shirt--it gave him just the hint of fill in the shirt as it wig or make-up...there was a gasp from the room...Deb, Sue and Cat all clapped! Lynda smilled and Lynn just stared at her son...finally Lynn got up from the chair she was sitting in and walked over to her look lovely! If you were to do all the other, you would make a wonderful looking youn lady...I can't beleive do you feel? I'm not sure--it's nice and all...I feel relaxed now that you saw me like this...I like it mom...I don't know why but I do...but I don't think I could do this all the time!! I mean, a skirt is one thing but to dress in all the -- slowly!!! Lynda spoke..Nick, could Nicky come to visit for a while...and maybe bring a friend? Lynn looked at think I'm ready for that?! Better to find out now than later- he's half way there as it is...she looked back at you want to do that? Mitch was a little red faced...he thought, I might as well go all out... well, why not...I've come this far---we'll be back in a while, I can't believe I'm doing this! Hey Mitch! So who's coming back with Nicky? He looked at Nick-- I have no idea...gotta wait and see...maybe me, if I can't figure it out...Cat yelled out, how about Jenny! Or Ruth! Sally! Hey guys...I'll let ya know!! Laughter filled the room as the boys went back to the bedroom...maybe Liddia Mitch thought...maybe...
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Sep 20, 2012