Champions Part 34

  Her sobs finally subsided and after another kiss she slid her feet onto the floor and went to look at herself in the mirror. “Oh dear, my eyes have gone all red and puffy. Never mind it was worth it so I’ll just have to see what some cold water and makeup will do to improve matters.” Then turning to me she said, “well my precious I’m sorry but it’s time that you changed back into Patricia again. Come and sit down here and I’ll sort out your makeup.” I looked at her as if asking a question because we weren’t allowed makeup at school. “Oh don’t worry you won’t be wearing as much as you did the other night. Just a little to emphasise your best features. The Nuns can’t say much because it’s the weekend after all.” Somehow I didn’t feel at all embarrassed sitting there while she fiddle around putting stuff on my eyes and face. It just seemed to be the most normal thing in the world for us to be naked together after a dusting of powder she tweaked my hair into place and as usual gave it a liberal dose of hairspray. Then from nowhere she produced the pearl stud clip-on earrings, which she deftly put in place. “Now before the finishing touch there’s something that I must do,” she said. She cocked her leg over and sat down on my lap facing me, her legs straddling mine. Then with her arms gently around my neck she gave me a long passionate kiss. The effect on me while this was happening was predicable, my penis started to become erect. When she ended the kiss she looked down at my all too visible erection and laughed saying, “now we really haven’t the time for that. Now I can do your lipstick, I couldn’t put it on before because I knew that I’d smudge it.” Lipstick applied I was again astonished by the change in my appearance that the makeup made to my face. She sent me over to sit on the bed while she attended to her own makeup and hair. She complained that her eyes were still a bit red but after a few minutes application of eye shadow and mascara the redness disappeared. Then after sorting out her hair she gave herself a long examination in the mirror before she was satisfied.

    “Now my precious,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about what you should wear this afternoon. If you have no objections I thought your blue dress, the one you wore the other evening would be perfect. Only this time you’d be better without heels.” I nodded in agreement after all how was I supposed to know what I should wear. The odd thing was that when I heard her refer to it as “your blue dress” I felt a slight arousal begin in my groin. “Here put these on while I find you a pair of socks.” She handed me something which turned out to be the bra I had worn two nights previously. The cups were still stuffed with the cotton wool, she had also handed me a pair of pale blue knickers that were liberally decorated with lace frills at the edges. “Sorry it’s not a matching set this time, your other knickers need to be washed. Still they match your dress.” The words “your other knickers” had a similar effect on me as the words “your dress”. I wondered why this should happen. I slipped the knickers on but I was a bit dubious about their extremely frilly appearance. Then I attended to the bra and as Grace had instructed me I hooked it up back to front then slipped it round the right way before I slipped my arms into the straps. Then I noticed Grace, who was holding out a new pair of white knee high patterned socks, watching me with a grin on her face. “There’s a clever girl,” she said, “we’ll soon have you fully trained.” The mention of me being a clever girl had the same affect as when she mentioned my dress and I couldn’t understand it. “Now slip these on while I get your dress,” she handed me the socks. The mention of ‘your dress’ again had that arousal affect and on top of the other one caused by being called a ‘clever girl’ I was beginning to get really excited but I just didn’t know why. While I was pulling on the socks she produced ‘my’ dress from the wardrobe and helped me step into it. Then when I had safely negotiated the sleeves she pulled up the back zipper and the top hook and eye. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get the dress off without help and I wondered how girls managed when they were alone with no one to help. The tight top of the dress again emphasised my ‘new’ breasts and I just couldn’t help keep looking at them. Grace then produced a brand new pair of white slip on ‘flats’ and when I had them on she inspected me closely before saying. “Well I must say that my perfect boyfriend really makes a pretty little girl. Oh Patrick you do look so cute. Come on you must see what you look like.”

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Sep 21, 2012