Standing Up To Life Chapter 26


 The rest of that week I was over at Amy’s house a couple of  times, and we both made it through Mr Krantz’s test and assignment with better than a 100%. He kind of gave us both a funny look when he handed them back the following week. “Amy, Brandon, can you two stay for a moment please.” He said as everyone filed out of the room. “Sure,” Amy and I said. When everyone had left the room he asked, “Did you two copy the assignment from each other?” “No, we worked at the same time at my house, but we didn’t copy or anything if that’s what you’re suggesting.” Amy asserted. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to be that in his face though. “That’s fine. I don’t mind that you two worked together on it at all. If anything I was going to say you two should do that kind of thing more often. I think it helped out on your tests as well. You were the only two that got A’s on both the assignment and the test. Anyway let me write out a pass for each of you so you’re not late to your next class.” He wrote it out and we both looked at each other trying to figure out what that was about. As we left I said, “I thought he was going to accuse us of cheating or something.” “I did too, but my parents would have been all over him in a heartbeat. That’s why I said something to him first, I figured he must know my parents wouldn’t put up with that crap. I don’t think either of us will have any problems from him though. I think he genuinely likes both of us more than any of the other students.” She giggled for a second. “What?” I asked.

   “Nothing, I was just thinking about how people gave us a hard time about being ‘teachers pets’ sometimes. The truth of the matter is that it helps us more than they get any other help. I don’t know, it’s kind of funny.” She laughed some more as we split up and went to our separate classes. That day we had a playing test in band to see if we would be allowed to go on the trip that was coming up. If anyone scored less than an 80% they wouldn’t be allowed to go. I was really nervous about it, but when I asked her my grade afterwards she told me I had received a perfect score. That was reassuring. In choir we just goofed around that day since Mrs Schultz was gone. Amy and I talked pretty much non-stop during that class period since we didn’t really want to watch the movie that was put on. The sub looked at us like she was annoyed, but held back from saying something for one reason or another. Towards the end of class Amy asked, “hey Brandon, do you want to go see a movie this weekend?” “What movie?” “Nikki and I were thinking ‘A Goofy Movie’. It’s probably going to be terrible, but it seems like something worth seeing. If nothing else it’s something to do.” “Who else is going to go?” “Maybe Lacey, other than that I don’t think anyone else. So what do you think?”

   I thought for a second, “It sounds like fun, let me double check with my parents and I’ll call you later?” I wasn’t going over to her house today because she had gymnastics practice. “Okay, I’ll be home around 7, call me then.” “Okay.” We all talked for the class and lunch. By the time I got through the end of the day I was glad to be going home. When I get there I looked on the internet for stuff and just kind of chilled for the rest of the night.

   I did ask my parents for permission to go see the movie at the weekend and they agreed. I called Amy and let her know that I could go. She told me it looked like it was going to be just Nikki, her and I since Lacey couldn’t go. I said that was fine, and we made plans on Friday during school on when we were meeting at the movie theatre. Saturday at 11:00am Mom dropped me off at the movie theatre where Amy and Nikki were already waiting. “Hey,” I said as I walked up to them. They both said ‘hi’ back and we walked to the ticket line. “What movie, Miss?” The guy asked me. I just shrugged it off with a smile (it did make me happy,) and said 1 for A Goofy Movie. Amy and Nikki bought their tickets behind me and came up tome giggling a minute later. “Brandon, I can’t believe how often that’s been happing to you recently!” Amy said. “Often?” Nikki asked. “When we were skiing a couple of weeks ago everyone seemed to say that,” I told her. I was blushing pretty heavily. “Don’t worry about it Brandon,” Amy said. “And definitely don’t cut your hair,” Nikki said. “I agree,” Amy said. “Umm.. Thanks.” I replied as we got into the snack bar line. “So Brandon, how much money do you have left?” Amy asked. “Umm.. 4 dollars. It looks like just enough to get a coke, but not much else.” “Not necessarily, Nikki how much do you have?” Amy asked. “I’ve got $5, you?” “I’ve got $6.50 left. If we pitch in the extra beyond the 3 dollars for a drink we’d have just enough to get a large bag of popcorn and a nachos that we could split. Wanna do that?” She asked. “Sure,” I said, Nikki nodded too.

   We got up to the counter and the guy asked, “What can I get for you ladies?” I caught a smirk on Nikki’s face and wanted to strangle her, but just answered, “3 cokes, a large Popcorn, and a thing of Nachos please.” I wondered if he would figure out I was a boy at this point. “Sure thing Miss.” He replied and began getting our order together. As  we stood there I heard a voice that I had thankfully not heard for a long while at this point. It was Matt. I quickly looked around and saw that he was in line, 2 lines over. I had heard his parents had sent him out of town to go live at a relatives house in Arizona, what was he doing back? If he saw me what would he do? I looked again and didn’t recognize any of the other guys with him, but they were definitely thugs like him. I whispered to Amy, “Amy… Matt’s back there, what should I do? I can’t imagine he would be too happy to see me.” “Relax, he’s bringing our popcorn back right now and we’ll go in the movie theatre. I’m sure he’s not going to see the same movie as us. He’ll probably go see ‘Bad Boys,’ he’s ‘too cool’ to go see a kids movie.” Our stuff came over and we booked in to the theatre and took our seats. Nikki looked over at me and said “Brandon, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

   “I kind of have,” I replied and explained about Matt. “Don’t worry about him, he wouldn’t dare do anything in a public place like this. The cops would be called and he’ll go to prison for certain this time,” Nikki said. I hoped they were right. I honestly had a sinking suspicion that I was not going to get as lucky as Amy and Nikki thought. Thankfully the movie previews started a short while later and I began to enjoy myself as we munched on the nachos and popcorn. About halfway through the movie I really started to need to go to the bathroom. I was kind of scared to go out there by myself though. What if Matt was in the bathroom too? I decided I couldn’t wait till the end of the movie though and got up to go. Amy whispered to me, “Wait a second, I’ll come with you.” I felt a little bit better instantly and we went over to the restrooms. I went in really quick, went, and got back out. Amy got out a second later and we headed back to the theatre. I thought good, we’re home free! “Hey Amy, where’s your little sissy friend Brandon?” I knew in a second it was Matt’s voice again, and cursed my decision to think the positive thoughts I had just been thinking. I totally doomed myself!

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Sep 21, 2012