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Change Can Be...11

Mitch and Nick closed the bedroom door...Nick had a big grin on his face-- what did I tell ya cuz! Not a big deal Mitch! Well...Mitch's mind much had just happen...his sisters and his mom had seen him dressed- in a skirt! and now they expected him back as..-- what? should be proud of yourself..aunt Lynn thought you looked good- and Cat!...she and Debby both clapped! I could tell Sue thought you did good too...after all, she was the one who helped and taught me...hey, you want her to come and get you ready? She knows what to do better than I do...Mitch had to think about that...yeah..maybe if she could...but I would feel better if Deb could come in too...hey, I got ya on that.... Nick went out to get the girls...Mitch just sat there and thought- what am I doing! Am I nuts?! This is wat too fast! I gotta think--- in walked the girls, including Cat! ..not everybody!! Cat let out a little groan...come on Mitch, I wont laugh...and to tell you the truth-, I think you look really great! I want to see how you change into...who ever! Ok.. but you sit over there on the wise cracks or out you go! Where'd Nick go! Sur spoke up..he went to my room to finish...he's going to stay in the same clothes he has on..yeah, well so am I!! I'm not changing! This is all too much Deb!!...I'm not so sure I'm ready for this! Come on Mitch! You're almost there now! And besides, mom has readied herself for this and aunt Lynda has been talking to her to get ready--so you can't let her down now...Mitch took a deep breath..well, ok...just do it- and with that, the girls went all out for his first time

Mitch had not looked into a mirrior to see the change his sister and cousin were making on him... he was almost afraid to look-- would he start laughing? Would he even look like a female or just an ugly guy in girls clothes...but when they were done, both stood back and stared--even Cat...oh my _____ Mitch...that can not be you... Well little're really gonna have to show mom this!!! Aunt Lynda is going to flip! Just then, Nick--or now, Nicky walked in to the room...the girls gasped! Oh this is too much! Nick?? Hi girls, I'm Nicky...I'm another of your cousins! Sue just smilled- hey Nicky...I'm not sure they were ready to meet you but you look good tonight! Thanks Sue! Sooo...are you ready to go meet the family--- Michelle!! Mitch called out...and it's nice to meet you, Michelle....

Nick, again was the first to enter the livingroom--his mom and aunt were talking...they saw him and ...all was silent-- Hello Nicky! Lynda said.. hello mother..hello aunt Lynn answered Nicky...Lynn was speechless-- umm, hello Nicky...I must say you lovely! Oh my goodness... thank you aunt Lynn.. I do feel nice...but you really want to meet my cousin, I'm sure...she is a sight to behold I'm sure you'll agree! Come on out! It's ok..they're waiting for you...then out stepped--- mother, this is -- Michelle! Michelle walked out into the room followed by the girls..Sue, Debby and Cat all gathered around her...Lynn was again dumbstruck-- Michelle? yes mother? You look...I can't believe it's you! do you feel dear? Different was all she could say...I mean, Mitch feels different--I don't know how to explain this...I feel calm, softer moving and talking and...just different! But, I'm not so sure I could live like this all the time! I like how I feel as Mitch!! I don't think I would like being a girl ..I'm sure it great, but I think I just like to feel like a girl sometimes...and still be a guy! Nicky spoke up...that's just how Nick feels Michelle,... wants to be a guy but wants to feel like a girl once in a while...

It was a house full of females for the two played, giggles and laughs...very nice. Finally Lynn said, girls I think it's time we head home...we have things to get done tomorrow...and I'm sure you're's been a very.....interesting night...hey!! Wait!--mother, I need to change? Oh my..I had forgotten about you's like it's always been this way...I'm sorry--yes, go in and change...Lynda looked at has been so nice to meet you Michelle...I do hope you do come again and are always welcome!! I'd like that very much aunt Lynda...I've learned so much tonight..and thank you mother for letting me be here...I hope I've been alright? You have been wonderfull Michelle--I would so much love to see you again! What about you girls-- Debby grinned that evil grin she had..oh, I think Michelle will be around if I know her! Cat laughed! I hope she comes back around..she is fun to be around!! I'll miss her while she's gone-- Lynn looked around the room...I think Michelle made a great impression on everyone!! Everyons shook their heads- yes! Ok, well, Nicky, will you please help me to get ready to go home? I'm not really sure how to remove some of this stuff...and there was laughter through the room as Nicky and Michelle left....
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I think i missed something.I agree with Becnme

Yeah...I'm just not sure how to change the title to '12' after I've posted it---I never said I was smart! LOL

Great story so far...

Oh btw isn't this part 12?