Champions Part 35

  She escorted me over to the full-length mirror and just as before it wasn’t me looking back but a little girl in a blue dress. This time however a weird feeling came over me. Instead of the feeling of slight embarrassment that I had normally experienced whenever I had seen myself en femme this time a wonderful feeling of sheer pleasure seemed to envelope my whole body. This was me, a little girl, and I was really enjoying the fact that I looked so feminine. Peculiar thoughts began to flow through my brain. I wondered how long it would take to grow my hair long enough to touch my shoulders. Would Mum let me join Grace’s ballet class? “Come along daydreamer, we’ve got things to do,” Grace’s voice shattered my dreaming. “If you can finish putting your things in your case and fasten it I’ll do the same to mine. Then while I get myself dressed will you take the cases downstairs and have a chat with the Wilson’s they must think we’ve got lost or something.” I did as she asked and she did the same, all the time she still didn’t have a stitch on. Then we fastened the cases she took a pile of clothes from the wardrobe. These were obviously the things that she planned to wear for the rest of the day. I was disappointed because on the top of the pile I could see her waistcoat and frilly blouse. So she planned to wear her waistcoat and trousers set I wanted to ask her to wear a skirt instead but I somehow couldn’t. I left her to get dressed and took both our suitcases downstairs where I deposited them near the front door ready for our departure. Then I went off to find Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. I found them sitting in the lounge. “My you do look pretty in that dress,” Mrs. Wilson said looking up from a book she was reading. I thanked her for the compliment and sat down to chat with them for a few minutes. After a while I said, “If you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go and see where Grace has got to the minibus will be here in less than ten minutes.” When I walked into the room I could see the back of Grace as she sat on the chair at the dressing table complaining that her hair was not quite right. I could see that she was dressed because the top of the waistcoat and blouse were visible to me above the back of the chair. She turned her head when she heard me come in. 

    “Oh, Hi my precious,” she said blowing me a kiss, “I was just about to come down. My hair was being a bit troublesome so it took me a while to get it right. I wanted to look perfect for you but it’s been a bit of a tussle. Today is the last day that we’ll be spending together for a while and I needed to make myself look really special for you.” She stood up and walked away from the dressing table and I was amazed at the sight. Instead of the trousers that I was expecting she was wearing a tiny, flirty mini kilt that was the same colour as her waistcoat. The kilt was even shorter than her netball skirt because it must have been skimming just below her panties. Her legs were obviously bare and on her feet she wore a pair of white slip on shoes with low heels. The effect of the shoes and her tiny kilt seemed to make her shapely legs go on forever. She smiled as I looked at her and I felt that I wanted to have sex with her there and then. “Well? Will I pass?” she asked and all I could do was nod. “I didn’t tell you that this outfit was a three piece, waistcoat, trousers and skirt did I.“ She smiled at me and I suspect, knowing the effect that she was having on me in the region of my groin. “I really want to look special for my very special boyfriend.” I looked down at my very girlish appearance, “yes but I can’t look like a boyfriend to you.” She came towards me with those big eyes looking lovingly straight into mine. “My darling Patricia you’ve done more during the past few weeks than any other boy I know. I don’t care whether you’re wearing skirts or trousers you are very special to me. Plus seeing you in that dress does something to me that I can’t explain, you look so cute and I’d like to see you like that more often.” She planted a kiss on my cheek and after checking that she had left no mark from her lipstick she led me by the hand downstairs. “I can’t wait to see Sister Wendy face when she sees my skirt knowing that she can’t do a thing about it,” she said giggling. The minibus arrived on time and after saying our goodbyes to the Wilson’s we set off in the direction of Durham. As expected Sister Wendy gave Grace a look of sheer disgust when she saw her outfit but she said nothing. We took up our normal places on the back seat of the bus and as soon as we began to move Grace squeezed tightly against me holding my hand.

    A quarter of an hour later we were in the centre of Durham. Sister Wendy then spent the next hour directing Sister Susan, our hapless driver, through the narrow streets and the City’s one-way system so that she could point out places of interest. Then finally the bus came to a halt outside of A Durham Castle on Ovengate. We were told that we would be allowed one hour to explore the City by ourselves and that we were to be back at the bus at four-o’clock sharp. Most of the girls headed off in the direction of Market Place to do some window shopping and I suspected that as we passed a McDonald’s sign pointing the way some of them might have had another motive. Grace and I walked across St. Giles and went down a narrow road running alongside the college building. All the time that we walked Grace was tightly holding my hand. Then after walking down a narrow arched passage we found ourselves in a grassed courtyard. It was bounded on three sides by high stone walls and the remaining side was occupied by a building with heavily shuttered windows. In the centre was an ancient tree, it’s base surrounded by a circular bench. “Come along my pet,” said Grace, “let’s sit on that bench for a while.” We sat down and Grace cuddled up to me and with one of her arms around me she gave me a long lingering kiss. As the kiss progressed I felt her other hand gently begin to stroke my leg but it didn’t venture under my skirt. Even this action was enough to spark off the beginning of an erection but her kiss all too soon ended. “Oh that’s much better, I feel I could carry on kissing you forever,” she sighed then, looking down at her hand which was still on my leg she started to giggle as she removed it. “We better not get carried away because someone might come along. They might think a bit strange to see two girl passionately kissing with their hands under each other’s skirt.” With that we just put our arms around each other and cuddled each other tightly. We were just content to be alone together in the quiet sunshine of the ancient courtyard. Then all too soon it was time for us to leave to go and find the minibus. The journey back home took less than an hour and after retrieving my suitcase when the bus stopped at the end of my road I waved them all goodbye and blew a kiss to Grace who looked as if she were about to cry. I trudged along the road to my house lugging my suitcase and sports bag and I realised that although Mum had bought the dress that I was wearing she had never actually seen me wearing it. As I approached the house and turned into the gate I couldn’t help noticing a large sign fixed to the front door that read ‘Welcome Home Champ.’ Somebody must have been busy on the telephone relaying the results. I reached the door and had just put down my case and bag to open it when it flew open to reveal Mum standing there with a grin on her face a mile wide. 

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