Champions Part 38

  At the end of our first lesson that afternoon all the members of the netball team assembled in Sister Wendy office. Once we were all there we were led to the library where a group of dignitaries were waiting and during the short walk Grace held my hand tightly. Once we reached our destination we were all formally introduced and presented to the jovial looking baronet (I still cannot remember his name). When it came to my turn he spoke to me in a congratulatory manner and I almost forgot Grace’s tutoring because when he took my hand I almost instinctively bowed then just in time I bobbed into a curtsy. Sister Wendy, ably backed up by Sister Susan, then made a short speech about our netball prowess and we then scattered to talk informally to the other guests. It suddenly occurred to me that everyone there who wasn’t in the know had no doubts about my gender, to them I was a girl and that thought oddly gave me a thrill. On the bus journey home the two younger girls were far more vocal than they had been that morning. They demanded to know why I was wearing a skirt and did I think that I was turning into a girl. However a few caustic comments from Grace soon shut them up. In the privacy of the back seat she was even more attentive to me than ever. She kept kissing me and telling me that we were made for each other. Once home I thought that I had better explain to Mum my reasons for changing out of my trousers that morning. She listened without interruption and when I had finished she just said, “I told you that I would support you in whatever you did and I think that you were so brave.” She then kissed me on the cheek and said nothing more about it even when I kept my skirt on for the rest of the evening. That night as I undressed I had a sort of melancholy feeling when I stepped out of my skirt. I wondered when, and if, I would have the opportunity to wear such things again. Then on impulse I pulled my skirt on again and went over to the large mirror for a long last look at myself. I must have stood there for quite a while and when I realised that it really was time I got into bed. I made the strangest resolution to myself I told myself that I must let my hair grow. I lay there in the darkness wondering what my mixed up feelings were all about and trying to make sense of them. Here I was, a boy with the most wonderful girlfriend in the world, who had many items of girls clothing there in that very room. My Mum had even placed the things that had needed cleaning after our trip to Durham in the drawers after laundering. I wondered to myself boy’s don’t wear dresses and skirts, do they? But then again, why not? It was all too confusing, and then I must have fallen asleep.

    During the next three weeks things went on as normal with the exception that Grace and I would go round to each others homes two or three times a week to do our homework together (Grace lived about twenty minutes walk from my house). All that time I didn’t venture into my other persona but I did sense that Grace wanted me to although she didn’t say anything. We did take every opportunity to have a passionate cuddle whenever we could and those opportunities occurred more when we were both at her house. Grace’s room was very large with a bed at one end and the other set out like a study/rest area with two easy chairs and a desk plus TV set. Her parents didn’t object to us going up there to do our ‘homework’. Needless to say we made the most of these opportunities although we never went further than some frenzied petting in case her Mother or Father came in. During the last week of term we looked forward to the pleasure of a whole week away from school before the start of the long Summer term. This would herald a few changes in school life, not the least some changes to the uniform code. All the girls would leave their skits and blazers behind and replace them with cotton gingham dresses, dresses that the girls all loathed, and burgundy cardigans. The only concession the boys had in their uniforms was that blazers were no longer mandatory and short-sleeved shirts were allowed. One of the other changes would be on the sports field. The school tended to concentrate their sporting efforts in playing tennis and there were several courts set on the perimeter of the playing fields. I liked playing tennis and I knew that it was one sport that both boy and girls could play together on, more or less, level terms. I also realised that, unlike netball, there wouldn’t be any problem with the kit because while girls normally wore tennis skirts or dresses boys always wore shorts. I also knew that Grace loved playing tennis and never missed a chance of  game so I had the thought of playing against her to look forward to. The thoughts of summer netball league never entered my head.

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Sep 23, 2012