Standing Up To Life Chapter 29


When we arrived at the mall Mrs Remar stood up to speak to us again, “If you want to you may take your vests off and bow ties off. But, your shirts must stay tucked in, and you must remain in those concert clothes. Right now my watch says it’s 12:15. You may eat, shop, or do both as long as you are back here by 1:15pm. The bus will pull out then, do not be late! Also stay in groups of at least 2 or more at all times. If I come by and find you alone you will be staying with me the rest of the trip. Again Congratulations! You are the first ever 6th Grade Band from our junior high to receive Superior ratings at this contest!” We all kind of gave a holler and began getting off the bus. Nikki, Jessica, and I decided to get something to eat first. I looked around the food court and chose to eat at a pizza place called Sbarro. I’d had their stuffed pizza before and always enjoyed it. After I got my pizza I met up with Nikki and Jessica at a table to our food. “So Brandon, are you going to take out the ribbon?” She asked. I noticed she still had hers in though, “yours is still in?” “Well, I’m afraid Mrs Remar might get mad if I take it out now since she told us to stay in our uniforms.” She said. “Well then I guess I’ll keep mine in then too…” I said. We talked about a lot of things for a while and when we got done eating I noticed that we still had 20 minutes left. “What do you guys want to do now?” I asked. “Well first the bathroom, then why don’t we go to the toy store?” Jessica suggested. “The toy store?” I asked. “Yeah, I want to buy some cards or something to do while we go home. Does that work for you guys?” “Sure,” Nikki said. “Why not?” I replied.

   We went over to the restrooms and I ran in and out quickly again before meeting them outside the bathroom a few minutes alter. We walked down to the toy store and browsed inside. There were several games for my game boy that I looked at, as well as some new Lego kit’s they had for sale. I walked with them through the store though, so of course we ended up walking through the Barbie section. Nikki and Jessica talked about having this one or that one, and how cute this one was, etc. Jessica ended up buying the deck of cards she wanted and we started walking back down towards the busses. Across from the toy store though we noticed a photo booth and decided to go get our pictures taken. We did the usual photo booth thing and each took a couple of the photographs. We then tried to start moving back to the busses. On the way back through I saw something that hadn’t been there the last time I was through the this mall. It was called ‘Dippin Dots,’ and claimed to be the ice cream of the future. I was immediately curious and went over to the place. I looked at it and asked, “What is this?” The lady behind the counter said, “It’s ice cream that’s flash frozen in liquid nitrogen. It’s really good, if you haven’t tried it before you should.” Nikki said, “I tried this the last time I was here, I loved it. We should all get some.” “Okay, it sounds interesting. I’d like a medium strawberry pleas.” I said. “Coming right up Miss.” I almost rolled my eyes. But, I really couldn’t blame her since I was with two girls with identical hair and clothes basically… “Here you go.”

   Nikki and Jessica both got their ice cream too and we continued back to the bus. The first bite I took of the ice cream I was hooked! It was great, what a neat idea for ice cream! I was still eating it when we got back to the bus and Mrs. Remar looked at me and asked, “Where’s mine?” “Back there?” I suggested. “Next time you have to get some for me too.” She said. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not, But then a second later she cracked a smile and I could tell that she was only half serious. “Go ahead and get on the bus.” She said to me. I got on the bus and found my seat. When everyone was on we left to go back to our hometown with a set of superior ratings! I was sitting quietly when Jessica said, “Brandon, you know how you said you’d let us play with your hair on the way back?” “Umm… yeah…” “Well, it’s time for us to call in that payment!” Before I knew it they had me in the aisle seat and three girls, Jessica, Nikki, and Ashley were all playing with my hair. They tried braiding it first, but it wasn’t long enough to do any really long braids so they took it out. After about 15 hairstyles and stuff being put in and out of my hair I ended up in pigtails again. They used the ribbon from my hair and one from Nikki’s hair to tie each side up. “There all done,” Ashley said. “How cute,” Nikki said “Time to take some pictures,” Jessica said. “What… no pictures,” I tried to say but they took like six before I could begin to resist. “We should all put our hair up like that and take a few more pictures!” Ashley stated. “Yeah, that’s a good idea, Jessica go steal a few more ribbons, we’ll need four more to do it,” Nikki said.

   20 minutes later and the three of them had their hair done the same way. There were actually three other girls that did it too after seeing them having fun with me. One of the sponsors used Jessica’s camera and took pictures of the seven of us like that. Mrs. Remar came back and got into the picture for a couple of them too. The last of which we held the two plaques that we had earned that day. “Jessica, you need to get me copies of those so I can put them in the band scrapbook,” Mrs Remar said. “Okay, I’ll try and get my mom to get them developed this weekend and bring them Monday!” Jessica said with far too much enthusiasm for me at that moment. That would mean the other kids at school would see me like this. I didn’t care as much with the band kids, but how would the other kids react? Before I had too much time to worry about it we arrived back at the school. Instead of getting a ride directly home like every other kid I was going to be riding my mom’s bus back to the yard. Once everything was unloaded I went and joined her on her bus. “Wow, your hair is certainly cute right now sweetheart.” Mom said.

   Crap… I forgot to take it out! “Umm… thanks. The girls got bored and started to mess around with it. I’ll take them out now,” I said as I started to reach up for them. She stopped my hand though and said, “No, leave them in for now. I think your dad would be amused by them.” “Are you sure he won’t blow a gasket?” I asked “Yes I’m sure, he’ll be fine with it.” She said. I wasn’t so sure, and for the remainder of the drive to the bus yard and to home I was completely nervous. What would he say? I would be so much better off taking them out. We got home and I walked through the door. My dad saw me and said, “Well that’s different. I guess the girls are really liking this new hairstyle?” “Something like that.” “Well, in all honesty if I didn’t know you were my son I’d think your mom had brought back a daughter in your place. I’ve honestly wondered if she’d ever do that since she wanted to have a girl so much.” He joked. I laughed politely and excused myself to my room to change into my pyjamas. I then decided to call Amy and tell her about today - I was really excited that we had received the ratings we had. We talked on the phone for about 15 minutes before her mom started yelling at her to get off the phone, so we made plans for me to go over to her house tomorrow after school. I told my parents about it and they said okay. Dad went and got some fast food for dinner that we ate, and after just vegging all night I went to bed with a little more comfort in my desire to be a girl. After all, my parents hadn’t completely freak out when they son came home looking like a daughter.

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