Standing Up To Life Chapter 30


 The next day we all were kind of tired but still excited that we had done so well at the contest. In the morning announcements the principal congratulated us on our fine performance at the contest. For the most part of the day absolutely flew by, and before I knew it I was riding the bus home with Amy. When we got to her stop she told me, “First person to the door chooses what we do!” and she took off, To my credit I made it only a half second after her, but I still lost - even if it wasn’t fair! (grumble). We got inside and I asked, “So what are we doing today?” “Come upstairs with me.” She led me upstairs to her playroom. When we got up there she started getting a whole bunch of Barbie’s out and putting them in the centre of the room. She also pushed a gigantic doll house to the centre of the room too. “We’re going to play Barbie’s today, I haven’t been able to play with them much in the past couple of months, and so that’s what we’re doing. Unless you’ve got a really big problem with it?” “Umm… I guess not, but I don’t exactly know what you’re supposed to do with them.” I replied timidly. “That’s okay, I’ll teach you!” She said. “First thing first, names…” She proceeded to tell me the names of several dozen dolls before saying. “Okay, now why don’t we play with these ones today… and we need to change their clothes so help me out here…”

   She continued to explain the intricacies of how to play with them for a while, and by the end of about two hours I’d had a blast. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I had a ton of fun that day, at the end Amy said, “You know Brandon you’re more fun to play with than most of my friends.” “Thanks Amy, I had a lot of fun too.” We were cleaning up her Barbie’s and putting them back in their places. She had promised me we would go ahead and keep this from her parents for now. We had put a movie in the TV that I discovered she had in that room while we were playing. “So do you want to do it again sometime?” Amy asked me. “Sure, why not?” I replied with a smile. When we were done putting everything up, we setup some bean bag chairs and continued watching the movie we’d put in. A few minutes later we heard her mom coming upstairs. “Hey Amy, Brandon, how did your day go?” “Good Mrs Hancock,” I replied. “It was good mom,” Amy said. “Amy said that congratulations are in order for yesterday?” Mrs. Hancock inquired. “Yeah, it went really well. We got the highest rating you could get - I guess we’re the first 6th grade band at our school to ever do that!”

   “Well congratulations. Listen, Brandon, I talked to your parents they’re going to meet us for dinner, so both of you put your shoes on and wash up so we can go.” “Cool,” Amy said. “Okay, that sounds like fun.” I replied. We both put our shoes on and got ready. A few minutes later we piled into their SUV.  “Where’s dad?” Amy asked. “He had to work a little late so he’s just going to meet us there.” “Okay.” Amy answered. We drove to the better of the two local Mexican restaurants and met my parents at the door. A few minutes later Mr Hancock joined us too. “Brandon how was your day?” My mom asked. “it was alright, I’m tired from yesterday though.” I said. “It was a long day…” She continued talking and asking me stuff but my ears were more on what my dad was saying to Mr Hancock. “I wanted to thank you again for taking Brandon with you on that trip. That was really nice of you guys to take him.” “No problem, it was our pleasure. The two of them seemed to by joined at the hip anyway, and that’s fine with us…” “Hey Brandon, you want to hang out tomorrow?” “Umm… Mom  can I?” I asked. “Yes, but don’t forget you need to be selling candy bars for the trip too this weekend.” “Why don’t they do both?” Mrs Hancock suggested. “They can walk around the neighborhoods between our house and yours going door to door. I’ll follow in the car to keep an eye on them. You’d be welcome to come too if you want” “That sounds like a great idea! Does that work for you two?” Mom asked Amy and I. “Sure Mom,” I said nodding. Amy also nodded her approval.

   Our food arrived at that time and we all became more focused on food for a bit. I deeply enjoyed my Chile Releno plate. There’ nothing like green chilli! For those of you not from the promised land of New Mexico, a chilli Releno hare is a roasted New Mexican Green Chilli Pepper stuff with a white cheese, breaded and deep fried, then covered with more cheese (usually cheddar or Colby-jack) and plenty of green chilli sauce! It really is some of the best food in the world. After we finished our meal dad picked up the check. “Here let us get that,” Mr. Hancock said. “No, you guys took Brandon on that ski trip, we’ll get this.” “Well thank you,” Mr Hancock said. I always hated moments like that, they’re always so awkward! In the mean time my mom was talking to Amy’s mom. “So we’ll come by at 1?” She suggested. “Sure, that sounds good.” We all stood up and headed for the door. “Well thank you for dinner,” Mr Hancock said at the door, “we’ll have to do this again more often.” “Well we’ll all be together on the trip next month so we should get some opportunities then. “ My mom said. “Yes, I think it’s going to be a great trip for all the kids.” Mrs Hancock said. “We’re certainly excited,” Amy chimed in for us. “Well, let’s get going, good night guys!” Mr Hancock said. “Goodnight,” I said to them and we all got in our separate cars and drove home. On our way home we stopped and rented some videos. We all just kind of vegged in front of the TV that night before going to bed. All-in-all I thought it had been a great day. How many times do you get to play with Barbie’s for the first time?

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Sep 23, 2012