Champions Part 40

  Then the kiss finished and she looked dreamily into my eyes and just hugged me tightly for a few minutes. She then excused herself on the pretext of visiting the bathroom. The door opened a couple of minutes later signalling her return, as I was busy looking through her extensive collection of videos. I didn’t immediately turn in her direction but I heard her coming up behind me. When I did turn however I saw that she was completely naked and without saying anymore she threw her arms around me and began kissing me again and by that time I was getting very aroused. Then when the kiss ended she looked into my eyes and said in a whisper, “Now my pet I think that it’s your turn.” I felt the zip on the back of my dress come undone and then with a little help from Grace it fell to the floor where I stepped out of it. I kicked off my shoes and socks and stood there dressed only in my bra and knickers. One of her hands expertly unhooked my bra while the other eased my knickers down and suddenly, like her I was naked. She pulled me gently towards her bed and said in a very soft voice, “Patrick, please make love to me.” With that she lay down on the bed and pulled me on top of her while spreading her legs wide. I began to kiss her breasts and each time I did so I could feel her body quiver. Then she gasped “Oh Patrick, now.” so I thrust forward into her and as she hooked her legs over mine we were one again. After a few thrusts we climaxed together and I had that wonderful sensation of floating while my body was consumed in sensations far too wonderful to describe. All the time Grace was moaning and calling out loudly, “Oh Patrick, Oh my.” All too soon however we were both spent and I slid down beside her and we cuddled each other while our sensations and our bodies returned to normal. She then sat up and turned away and I was aware yet again that she was crying. I immediately sat up, put my arm around her and as she buried her face into my neck her sobs became more louder. This reaction of hers whenever we had sex worried me, she had explained that it was caused because she didn’t know how else to cope with such wonderful feelings but it still bothered me. 

     Her sobbing gradually ceased and she turned her head towards me and looked at me thoughtfully. Her eyes were red and puffy; her cheeks stained with streaks of mascara and her hair a complete mess. Looking at her like that made me want to protect her from anything or anybody, I just wanted to be near her and I’d do anything for her. She excused herself to go to the bathroom to repair her makeup and hair and I just lay on her bed feeling content. She returned looking far more like herself and we set to re-making her bed. She then kissed me on the cheek and said, “Patrick, every time we do that it just gets better and better.” She then suggested that we go and get ourselves a drink so I followed her down to the kitchen where she poured us each a glass of coke. I noticed that the time was still not quite half past seven and wondered how I could have experienced so much in so short a time. I also realised that we were both still naked, there wasn’t any embarrassment about it because it seemed quite natural. “Come on pet,” she said, “let’s go for a walk outside.” “I think we’d better cover up a bit before we do.” I replied. “Oh, I suppose we’d better,” she giggled, “come on we’ll get moving.” I followed her up to her room where she quickly slipped her white dress over her head and pulled on the white shoes. As I had surmised earlier she didn’t bother to wear anything underneath. As I began to slip on my bra she came over and gently took it out of my hands. “No need to bother with that for the moment, I’ll see what I can find you.” She went over to her wardrobe and took something coloured pale blue out then she tossed it to me. “Slipped that on it will do perfectly for now.” It turned out to be a little shift dress similar to hers and when I had pulled it over my head I found that it barely covered my bottom. Before I could do or so anything she tossed my shoes over to me. “Come along, let’s get going,” she said and I soon found myself outside walking across the garden. A whole new range of sensations enveloped me as stepped outside into the open. My shoulders and arms were bare as were the greater part of my legs. In fact the dress barely covered me at all and the fact that Grace was similarly attired and seemed to take it as a natural act made it all the more intriguing. The air felt deliciously cool as it wafted almost unhindered around my most private area and the whole experience seemed to make me want to laugh with contentment.

    Grace sensing that I was holding back a little asked, “is anything wrong my pet?” “Well, I’m a little uncertain about, well you know…” I looked down at my dress, or rather lack of it. “Oh my poor dear, I didn’t realise that you had never done this sort of thing before, I’m so stupid. It’s one of the pleasures of being a girl I suppose to be able to just cover up with a little dress and go out feeling free and unfettered by lots of clothes. I should have remembered that you are a boy and have never had the opportunity. Never mind, enjoy it while you can. Lets go out the back gate and see what we can find.” Once through the gate, which lead onto a grass track I saw a group of buildings, There was a ruined house standing next to a large barn, I supposed that it used to be the farmhouse but it had obviously been a ruin for many years. The barn looked as if it was still in use however because it appeared to well maintained and there were fresh tyre track leading to its open door. Grace led the way down the track and we soon came across a stream where we sat cuddling each other for a few minutes. Then we re-traced our steps back towards the rear garden gate. However when we reached it, Grace turned to go towards the barn instead. I followed her as she walked inside and saw that it was full of fresh straw with bales stacked right up to the roof and thick loose straw covered the floor. She gently led me round a stack of bales piled in the centre of the floor to a place just like a little room whose walls were straw bales. There was a very thick covering of straw on the floor and she sat down beckoning me to join her. As I did s she lay back and almost pulled me on top of her and began to kiss me passionately. I responded and began to develop an erection, which continued to increase. I found that I couldn’t kiss her breasts because they were just about the only thing her dress covered effectively. However I began to kiss and nuzzle her neck and she began to purr with satisfaction. I felt my dress ride up until my bottom was exposed to the world but at that moment in time I didn’t care. After a few minutes frenzied cuddling and petting she pulled me close and said almost begging, “Patrick, make love to me now, here.”

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I'm glad Patrick feels that he can openly wear a dress around Grace