Standing Up To Life Chapter 33


 In class that next day we combined all of our work into one script and fixed some problems that we saw in our storyline. I think we all left looking forward to Saturday and the filming we were going to do. Ashley’s dad was going to meet us at the TV Station at 9am. We were planning on being there till 5pm or later working on it. The girls all made sure that they had their lists together of stuff they needed to bring. After school Amy came over to my house and we hung out. We found two of her dollhouses that we were going to need the next day on the floor in the living room. We made sure that we had all of the dolls and clothes for the next day that we would need before I made her play with my Lego for a bit. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go and play with her Barbie’s, it was more that I didn’t want mom to come home finding us playing with her Barbie’s. Dad was out of town to a convention for the weekend, so it was just Mom, Amy and I at home. She made dinner for us and then we sat down to watch a movie in the living room. When we were done she said, “Listen Brandon, I think it’s time for my turn to play with your hair!” she said. “ooh yeah,” Amy said. “I think it might even be getting long enough we can braid it decently now!”

   My hair at this point had reached just past my shoulders. I loved it, and was genuinely happy that she was going to play with it. “Okay, I guess.” I said non-committingly to her. Before I knew it I was getting attacked with all sorts of things including getting my hair braided. After looking at me like that she said, “let’s do something different.” She whispered something in Amy’s ear and she nodded. She made me get my hair wet real quick and began from scratch working with it. She also brought out something that I had wondered about for some time - the curling iron. A little while later she had my hair curled under at the bottom, and I had bangs that were also curled up top. She soon snapped some more pictures (she’d been snapping some every time they set my hair with something,) and said, “that’s enough for tonight.” “Umm… will this come out in the morning?” I asked. “It should.” Amy said. Mom had done her hair the exact same way and took some pictures of the two of us together before we all sat back down and watched another movie. Amy took the bottom of my bunk beds and we went to bed. Or so we wanted mom to think… We actually talked for a long time that night about all sorts of things. I don’t think we actually fell asleep until 3 hours later. I think mom knew that, because she had even less pity for me about waking up the next morning than she normally did! We both got dressed and ready while mom made breakfast for us. I used a ponytail holder that mom had bought for me to put my hair up after breakfast.

   We gathered everything and put it into our minivan to go down to the station. To say that Amy and I were hyper would have been the understatement of the year. When we arrived we found Nikki and Ashley waiting for us outside. They gave us a hand taking everything into a studio her dad had set aside for us to use. The room was actually a lot larger than I figured we’d have available to us, and we had a sky backdrop behind it that we were able to use. There were actually several types of backdrops that were available to us that they used for commercials. Ashley’s dad gave us a tour and showed us how to use one of the cameras and setup several microphones for us to speak into. We practiced using them for a while and after about two hours of setup such we were ready to begin filming. Her dad had actually worked the film industry before moving to news broadcasting, so he helped immensely. He left us pretty much hands off to do our thing. Occasionally he would make a suggestion about a camera angle, or suggest that we move a light to another place or something. But, overall it was definitely left in our hands to do what we wanted to do. At one point he actually took another camera and recorded us working on the project. He thought it might be a good idea in case someone accused us of letting him do all of the work! At 1 O’clock we took a break and ate some pizza he ordered for us. “Mr Sanders, thank you so much for all of this. We really appreciate your help!” I said to him

   “It’s no problem Brandon! I’m really impressed with what you guys are doing. I think it’s going to turn out to be a great project! Certainly a lot better with this equipment than it would have been with a normal video camera.” Yeah, definitely. Just how good is this equipment?” I asked. “Well, a  lot of TV shows are actually shooting with cameras like these now. Plus since we’re able to do a higher quality set of mics and lighting this should look pretty professional.” “Cool, I can’t wait to see our finished product!” “Neither can I, I think it really is a cute project.” He said. After lunch we got back to work, and about 3 O’clock we were able to wrap up our filming. I looked over the stack of three ‘Digital Beta cam’ tapes that were on the table. Mr. Sanders had explained that they recorded the best of the cameras that the studio had. “Well what do we do now?” I asked. “Now I’ll show you guy how to edit your video down to just the good cuts and what you guys need.” He led us to an editing room the studio had, and began to show us how to move the parts we wanted on to one ‘master copy’. I couldn’t believe how much time it took just to go through this part. We ended up calling our parents and letting them know we were going to be there for a while still.

   At 6 o’clock Mr Sanders went to get some burgers from Sonic for us while we continued editing. We finally had a good rough cut done at 7:30pm. Mr Saunders helped us come up with some titles for the beginning and the end of the film then. “Tell you want guys, it’s almost 9pm. Why don’t we meet back here tomorrow at 2pm and finish up by adding some music to the project and cleaning it up?”  “Okay, that sounds good to me.” Nikki said with a yawn. “Yeah Daddy, I’m tired,” Ashley said. “Then we’ll do that,” he said. We cleaned up the dolls and the doll houses and everyone took their stuff home. I had called my mom and she was waiting to help us out. That night Amy and I were only up an hour past when we were told ‘lights out’. Sunday mom made us get out of bed at 11am an ready to go. We arrived at the station on time with a bunch of CD’s in hand. Her dad had suggested that we bring some CD’s to put behind the film. We worked tirelessly for another three hours on the project before declaring it done. I couldn’t believe how cool the project looked. He even showed us how to include a clip that he had recorded of us working in the ending credits next to the credits! I don’t know about the rest of the group, but I was pretty psyched about it.

   Her dad then showed us how to transfer the master copy to VHS tapes. We made ten copies of the tapes and put them in the nice black hard shell cases that he gave us. He also handed me the original beta master. “Why are you giving me this?” I asked him. “Because you basically were the director for this film. I was really impressed with what you did this weekend. In a couple of years when you’re a bit older I might be able to find a place for you to work down here at the station.” They had put my name in the credits as the director, I liked that part. “Really?” I asked. “Yep, anyway I thought you should have it. Now let’s get you all out of here before we’re here till 9pm again!” He said laughing. We were basically done, but Amy wanted us to add a nice cover to the front of the videotape cases She suggested using her dads computer at home - so we were all going to meet at her house Wednesday to work in that. She also had suggested we come up with a movie poster type thing of some sort. Ashley thought that would be a good night to try out the movie on all our parents - with everyone planning on getting their parents to watch it at 7pm that night. When we were done Mom picked us up and dropped Amy and her stuff off at her parents house. They gave her a hug when she got there - apparently they had just gotten back themselves, and we left her at home. I had a lot of fun that weekend, and couldn’t wait to show off our project to the class in a week and a half. By the time I got home that night I was completely exhausted. I ended up laying down on my bed at 7pm, and the next thing I knew I was being woke for school the next day.

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