Standing Up To Life Chapter 34


The days between Monday and Wednesday seemed both close and yet so far away. I hung out at Amy’s house both Monday and Tuesday, with her mom joking that they should make the spare bedroom my room with as much time I spent over there. Amy seemed pretty enthralled with the idea as well, but of course I couldn’t say yes to something like that! That would be cruel to my parents, who both really did love me. On Wednesday the four of us caught a ride with Ashley’s mom to Amy’s house. When we asked about riding the bus together there we were told it was too many additional students - and I wasn’t about to rock the boat with my mom’s workplace. Once there we went to her dad’s study on the first floor and began working with his computer. To say they had an amazing setup was to understate, big time! He had the latest computer, software, scanner, and printer that you could get. Within about an hour we had created a great color cover for the outside of the VHS tapes. We also were able to design a ‘movie poster’ for our movie as well.

 At 5:30 her mom came in to find us wrapping things up and said, “Okay I need help setting the table please!” She was especially looking at Amy and me. I wasn’t sure when I had reached the new status, but I was no longer a guest and had been accepted as a member of the family. Of course I was honored, but apparently that meant I had to help take care of guests when they came over. “Okay,” Amy and I answered at once. We left the others to finish cleaning up. We helped her mom put several massive leafs in their formal dinning room table so that we could seat 14 people for dinner. Everybody had 2 parents, plus Ashley had 2 big sisters that were coming for dinner too. Monday when we had talked to Amy’s mom she had gotten this idea of having a really cool and great pre-movie dinner get together. She was a great cook - especially for events like these - so we were really looking forward to it. My mom had also gotten in the spirit and created a really great chocolate mousse cake. Amy and I made a bit of a game of setting the table and we were done pretty quickly. “Okay you two, go get Ashley and Nikki and get washed up for dinner.” “Yes ma’am,” Amy replied. I think she’d gotten into trouble for a smart aleck comment last night - she was being pretty respectful today.

   We dragged the two of them upstairs to the bathroom and washed up before coming down just in time for all of our families to arrive. Mrs Hancock had outdone herself on this meal. She had cooked several Prime Ribs to absolute perfection. She also served mashed potatoes, broccoli, and home made bread. I had found out when we got there that she had taken the afternoon off from her patients so she could this. At the end of dinner we had dessert which was also excellent. Following dessert we all gathered around in their living room. The four of us ended up sitting on the floor while our parents got the sofa and some other chairs that they brought in. “Well, thank you everyone for coming to our premiere of our movie,” Amy stood up and said in front of everyone. “We hope you enjoy our short film!” Our parents all a little obnoxious at that point and clapped. I started the VCR and we began watching the film. Okay, at this point I should preface this; it was a bunch of Barbie’s with voiceovers in different locations… That being said though, it was actually really incredibly good. The main part of the film lasted 22 minutes, and the credits went on for another 3 minutes. Our parents of course had to tell us that it was good, but we all agreed we didn’t think they were lying… In fact they even made us show it again, so we decided we had something here. After the second showing we all helped clean up from the movie and put our project in a safe place to take to school next week. They also made us take several photographs holding our project and the posters in front of us. We all left to go home around 8:30 with everyone saying thank you to the Hancock’s for hosting the premiere. All-in-all I think we all had a fantastic time.

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As always nicely written.