Champions Part 43

  I followed the line of her vision and the cause of her merriment became obvious. My little male member was covered in traces of Grace’s bright red lipstick. I think that at the time my face went even redder as I grabbed a tissue to put things right. “OK, enough of that it’s time to get down to business,” she handed me a pair of tiny plain white cotton knickers. I managed to squeeze into then with difficulty but when I had them in place they almost completely hid my little bulge. She then began to style my hair by combing it straight back from my face then with the aid of several clips she attached a false bun in place and then topped it off by adding a tiny silver crown. When she was satisfied she began my makeup, which took far longer and required far more ingredients that I had ever had before. Then when she had completed the last task of applying copious amounts of bright red lipstick she looked closely at the finished product. Her expression changed to one of amazement then she stood back and examined me again. “Wow,” she whispered, “I can’t wait to show you what you look like now.” Next came a pair of white ballet shoes that Grace pushed my feet into and then expertly tied the ribbon fastenings around my ankles. She then stood and thought for a minute. “I don’t want you to see more than you have to before you’re completely ready. So do you mind if I blindfold you now so that the final effect will be a surprise?” “No, I’ll do whatever you want,” I replied. She put a silk scarf over my eyes and tied it loosely at the back of my head. She explained that she was being careful not to spoil my makeup. Then when she was satisfied that I could see nothing I heard her go over to the wardrobe and take something out. I guessed that this was the tutu. “now my pet,” she said when she came back over to me. “I want you to stand up and take hold of my hand.” I did as she asked and she helped guide my feet as I stepped into the strange garment and steadied me by keeping hold of my hand. She then gently pulled it up and guided my arms through some straps before pulling the back zipper of the bodice upwards. The bodice felt very tight once she had completed the task but she said that tutus all fitted tightly. She made me keep my arms outstretched while she guided me across the room. Then she made me pose ballet style by positioning my arms and legs and then she appeared to be satisfied. “Now my pet I think it’s time to let you see what you look like.”

    As she removed my blindfold I realised that I was standing in front of her full size mirror. I blinked my eyes to get used to the light again and the reflection that I saw amazed me. That beautiful little ballerina couldn’t possibly be me, could it? She was far to pretty and feminine it just wasn’t possible. But it was me and I was transfixed by my reflection, reflection I just couldn’t take my eyes away. All vestiges of maleness were completely gone because the tutu and skilful makeup and hairstyle bore witness to a very pretty little girl ballerina and it was all getting to much. I began to feel dizzy as a multitude of mixed emotions flooded over me. It was the ultimate in my feminisation and there was no getting away from the fact that I looked every bit like a girl and not a boy at all. “Well what do think?” Grace’s voice interrupted my reverie. I didn’t know what to say at first because I was still overcome by the vision in the mirror. “I look beautiful,” I finally whispered in amazement. “I can’t quite believe it myself,” said Grace. “I thought that you’d look good but you look absolutely fabulous. The thing is I think you look prettier than me.” She came over to me and gave me a hug crushing the front of our stiff spreading skirts. She gave me a swift peck on the cheek and then looked thoughtful. “Hey I’ve an idea,” she went over to a cupboard and pulled out a box. “Daddy gave me this last year, it’s his old Polaroid camera and it’s still got a film in it. I think that we ought to take some pictures, don’t you?” “Well yes I suppose we should,” I replied still transfixed with my reflection in the mirror. Grace then began to set up the camera and then began to set up poses for us both singly and together. The delayed shutter timer allowed her to pose with me but she wouldn’t let me see any of the final prints until she had completely used up the film. Then she perched with me on a stool; tutus aren’t the easiest things to sit down in, while we examined the prints together. There was quite a number of prints and I was still amazed on just how feminine I looked and how pretty. On Grace’s suggestion we divided them up so that we would both have some wonderful reminders of the occasion. We then spent a few minutes like giggling girls as Grace put on a tape of ballet music and we pirouetted around in an impromptu ballet performance. 

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