Champions Part 44

  All too soon Grace said that it was time for us to end our dream. It would take some time for us, especially me, to remove all vestiges of being a ballerina and we didn’t want to have to make embarrassing explanations should her folks return early. About half an hour later I was back in my normal clothing and Grace was back in her school uniform. There was no trace of the two ballerina’s who had been having such a wonderful time such a short time ago. However we still had the photos and we sat and examined them over and over again. On my way back home my mind was full of lots of wonderful thoughts and the visions of my reflection in the mirror kept coming back to me. I clutched at my precious pile of photographs hidden deep in my pocket resolving to look at them again later in private. When I got back I had hoped that Mum would say something regarding my mode of dress when we visited Lightwater Valley on Saturday but she said nothing. I guessed that meant that I was out of luck when it came to going in a dress and I felt a little disappointed. I had some wonderful dreams that night about masquerading as a girl with Grace always in attendance but I awoke disappointed to find that she was not there with me. After breakfast I went up to my room to get ready for the last day at school before the week long holiday. I had the thoughts of spending three days staying with Grace to look forward to as well as my trip to Lightwater Valley; even though it looked like I wouldn’t be going en femme. I opened my wardrobe and started to get out my uniform then a thought came to me. I replaced my school trousers and lifted out the hanger holding my school skirt. “Why not?” I said to myself thinking that today would be the last chance that I would get to wear it before September because the next term heralded the start of summer uniform. I went downstairs resplendent in my ‘other’ uniform and found Mum sitting in the kitchen. “You’re going to school in your skirt then?” she said. “Yes, do you mind me wearing it?” “No of course I don’t mind,” she replied, “so long as you’re sure that it’s what you want. As I said to you I think that it’s nice that you’re exploring your feminine side now. You won’t be able to do it so easily when your body starts to develop.” “Well I just think that it’s more comfortable to wear than my school trousers,” I replied “Besides it will be the last chance I have before the start of the summer uniform next term.”

    “Yes and I’ve been thinking about Lightwater Valley,” she said, “and I’ve decided that if you want to go wearing a dress the I have no objections. That is on one proviso.” “What’s that?” “That I will choose you outfit for you,” she replied with a mysterious look. “now my pet I think you’d better be going to catch the bus.” I pondered on what she had said as I walked outside to meet up with the bus. I felt that thrill as the cool air wafted around my legs and thought that I wanted to go on wearing skirts whenever I felt the need. I knew though that it wasn’t possible and that sooner or later I would have to send Patricia away forever. When the bus arrived the all girls all commented on me wearing my skirt and the two younger ones began giggling to one another. Grace, as usual, was waiting for me to join her at the back and kissed me on the cheek as soon as I sat down. “I didn’t expect to see you in that today,” she said indicating my female apparel. “Well I thought that you’d like it,” I lied. “Oh Patrick what ever did I do to have a boyfriend like you, you’re so wonderful,” she felt in her pocket and pulled out a photograph. It was one of the Polaroid’s that she had taken the previous evening, one showing me alone in my guise as a ballerina. “I’m going to keep this one with me always.” My arrival at school caused a few comments from a few of the other pupils but otherwise everything went as normal. That is until later on that morning when I went into the communal locker room between lessons. The only other people in there were three girls from the year ahead of me and I knew almost immediately that I became the subject of their conversation. Suddenly they walked over to me and I found myself surrounded. “We were wondering,” said one of them, “if our newest little girl in the school is wearing the complete regulation uniform.” Suddenly I felt my skirt being hoisted high in the air by the other two girls. “Well now it looks as though she’s wearing proper knickers. I’ll bet her Mummy like her to wear frilly dresses when she gets home.” The trio collapsed in to gales of laughter and mercifully I was saved from any further humiliations by the arrival of some other girls wanting to use their lockers. I met up with Grace as usual during the lunch break and told her about my locker room skirmish. “Oh those three, they’re always causing trouble, don’t let them bother you my pet.” “Oh I won’t,” I said and Grace giving me a long passionate kiss stifled any more conversation. We had a heavy petting session in our private place and Grace said that she couldn’t wait for Sunday evening to arrive so that we would be together for a whole three days. I told her that I’d be going out the following day when she asked what plans I had and she looked a little disappointed at the news, especially since she was going out with her parents that evening so we couldn’t even meet up then. “Still we’ll be together on Sunday evening and I might have some good news for you then,” she said a little mysteriously. Despite all my questions she refused to elaborate and demanded that we change the subject.

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Sep 26, 2012