Cross Training Part 4

She went on to explain that in two weeks I would be sent off to summer camp for a period of three weeks. This camp would be a little different from other camps though, at this camp they thought boys how to be girls! If I paid attention and worked hard no one would ever be able to tell that I hadn’t been born female. After summer was over I would return to a private school nearby as Melissa. Everything had been arranged with the school where I would be treated the same as any other girl my age. Just what I always wanted. I thought to myself. I’d be going back to school as a girl. My Mom was nuts. As mom talked though I knew she was serious. I certainly couldn’t run away, there was nowhere to go. If I stayed I could have everything I ever hoped for, or should I say that Barb could ever hope for. I thought that it would be best to just wait things out, mom would stop this crap eventually. I told mom that I would go along with her which brought a smile to her face. She knew she had me trapped but it was still nice of her to act like it was my choice. Barb then took me back to my room and began to explain my new clothes, what they where for; and how to wear them. Of course the first thing I noticed was there was going to be a big difference between my old clothes and my new ones. My underwear, formerly white, now came in every color of the rainbow. If that wasn’t bad enough there was lace everywhere! I had lace on my panties, and of course my slips were all trimmed in lace. I was considered old enough to wear training bras which were also generously trimmed in lace. Barb laughed at me when I held up one of my training bras. “Don’t worry little sister.” She said. “You’ll fill them out soon enough.” I wasn’t sure if she was teasing me or not but I was too afraid to find out! The next couple of weeks were rough. I had to be dressed as a girl everyday which meant a dress during the day, and frilly baby doll PJ’s with matching ruffled panties at night. Mom sat it was kind of a crash course in “Girl”!

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Oct 6, 2012