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Mom always thought I was good looking enough to be a model. She and dad were always arguing about it, he’d say that it was a waste of money and she’d tell him that he was blind! I can remember how she’d tell people that someday she was going to take me to a company that would make a model out of me and teach my dad a lesson.


On day her and her Grandma (her mo) decided to teach dad a lesson and took me to one of those companies. Mom made me get all dressed up in brand new clothes, shirt, pants, socks, and even shoes, everything had to be just perfect for her son the model I remember her saying. She told me that all I had to do was smile and let someone take pictures of me so they could show them to other people who would want to take more pictures of me. I was very confused but I did what I was told which seemed to make mom and Grandma very happy.


It seemed like a long time before mom got a phone call from the people who took my picture. I heard her talking to Grandma about it and she seemed very upset about something. “I can’t believe it,” I heard mom tell Grandma over the phone. “They must not have tried hard enough.

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Hey! Rejections are a part of the business cept when my mom was your agent. Nobody dared to reject me. Hum!

Who would dare to reject you. Maybe that place that had no slip AUSTIN would.

Hey. I have sent some of my professionally done pics to a few agencies. Two rejects so far. Not enough work or books full.

The more you sent out the better your chances. Think outside the box. Send some portfolios directly to advertising agencies. Mention being a "Character" actor?

Ah Ha. Yes. Thanks.

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Poor mommy.Reality is a *****.Though i have a feeling it's not over yet.