Model Part 4


Mom took me into a room with lots of closets and told me to take off my shirt, pants, and socks while she looked for something. I didn’t understand why I needed to get undressed but I always listened to what mom told me so off went my clothes. A few seconds layer mom returned carrying a dress and some other clothes.

“What’s the dress for mom?” I asked suddenly feeling a little scared. Mom wouldn’t make me wear a dress would she?

“It’s for our game of pretend sweetie,” Mom smiled as she set the clothes down. “You’re going to pretend to be a girl!”

“I don’t want to pretend to be a girl mom!” I protested. “I’m not a sissy!”

“Of course not Ronny, you’re my little man. This is just pretend remember?” Mom said as she gave me a hug. “Now hold your arms up please.” I did as I was told and mom slipped a funny feeling thing over my arms and head. “This is called a petticoat, it will make your dress look much prettier.” Mom gently pulled on the petticoat until it was completely on.. It felt very smooth and nice but it made me look like a sissy with all the funny stuff mom called lace on it.

“Please mommy,” I cried. “I’ll be a good boy, please don’t change me into a girl!”

“Oh honey don’t worry,” Mom said softly. “We’re just going to play pretend, you’re not going to be changed into a girl.”

“Are you sure mom?” I asked as tears ran out of my eyes. “Cross your heart and hope to die?”

“I’m sure Ronny,” Mom said kissing my cheek. “Cross my heart and hope to die!”

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to wear a dress or a skirt for the first time is a odd feeling but then you grow to love it ( or them )very sexy feeling .
lots of freedom and movement .

I put on my first skirt and top around the age of 8. I don't remember it feeling odd. It felt so natural and the freedom my legs felt was great not being in pants. I was also scared of being caught. Thats the only scary I felt was being caught.
Since I went public doing real things only 17 short months ago and getting used to being out in public took sometime, it was the scary I felt of being caught, not odd getting used to the dresses or skirts or heels. All of that felt so natural to wear.
Not only the freedom of movement but also the freedom to be outside makes it lots of freedom and that can be overwhelming at times when I see myself in a shops window refection dressed up and in heels or in the mirror in a ladies loo checking my lipstick and then I think back to being locked behind closed doors dressed up but not free to be outside because I was scared of being caught.

Even when one wants to dress up, its still scary the first time. but I think its a different scary.