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The Babysitter Part 10

I wanna go outside and play,she said.Randi paused for afew seconds and told her ok.So Randi took his,err her first steps outside for anyone to see.To her realief nothing happened.Life didn't end or the skys didn't open up and grab him.They went out to the patio.Randi sat down in a chair and Ricki sat on the ground playing with her dolls.Then Randi got down and started playing.Then someone said hi.He turned around and saw a nieghbor girl,,
Chrissy. She was Ricki's age.Can i play to?Before Randi could answer he heard good morning,Mary.It was Chrissy's mom.Ohi'm sorry,i thought you
were Mary.Scared he said hi,i am her cousin Randi.Hi,nice to meet you.Then he shocked himself and said Chrissy could stay and play.Are you sure,she asked.Yes mam.Ok then,have fun.So there he sat playing and having fun.
After awhile Mary came home.The house was empty.She got nerous.She went to the back door and looked out into the yard and didn't see anybody.She ran back to the front door getting her cellphone on the way. She stepped out to call her mom when...... 
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Nov 8, 2012

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