Model Part 12


I was starting to get tired of playing pretend after a couple of months. I couldn’t climb trees anymore or do most any of the other things that I liked to do because mom and grandma were afraid I’d get a mark somewhere that would show up on my pictures. They started treating me more and more like a girl everyday and wouldn’t let me have any fun.

Halloween was always one of my favourite times. I just loved wearing scary costumes, trick or treating, and all of the candy I would get. That was before I started playing pretend though.

I started to bug mom about a costume a week before my class Halloween party. I had seen a Goblin costume that I thought would be scary enough to frighten even the boys in my class but mom wouldn’t let me get it. That time she wanted me to be a girl for Halloween.

“But mom, I can’t go to school in a dress. Everyone will laugh at me and call me names,” I pleaded with her to let me go as a Goblin but mom refused. Either I go as a girl or I didn’t get a costume at all she told me.

All the other boys talked about their costumes but when they asked me I told them that mom hadn’t decided yet. I considered pretending to be sick on Halloween but I didn’t think mom would let me stay home even if I was sick. She wanted me to go to school in a dress and it didn’t matter what happened, on Halloween I knew I’d be wearing a dress.

Mom woke me up early on Halloween since she said it was going to take a little longer to get my costume all ready. I wanted to pull the blankets over my head and stay in bed when she showed me what she had picked out for me to wear - my pink party dress with the sheer top and sleeves. Of course she had a pair of my pink panties and petticoat for me to wear with my dress. For the first time since I started playing pretend I didn’t want to put on my panties. Wear a dress and petticoat would be bad enough but what if someone saw my panties?

Finally wearing a pink dress with a big bow in the back with frilly pink socks and a ribbon in my hair mom gave me one of my girl’s coats to wear and we were off to school. I kept hoping the car would break down or we’d get a flat tire but everything worked just fine and soon we were at school watching the other kids going in.

Mrs. Trippman, my teacher, was standing at the door when we walked in. She looked at me and smiled then looked at mom.

“Ronny?” She asked as she looked at my dress and shoes. “Is that you?”

“I thought it would be cute to see what he would have looked like if he’d been a girl,” Mom smiled at Mrs. Trippman. “I borrowed some things from a little girl my mother knows. What do you think of my little girl?”

“He’s adorable,” Mrs. Trippman couldn’t take her eyes off of me. “It’s almost a shame that he’s a boy!”

Mom smiled at me and winked. “Isn’t it?”

“Go in and sit down Ronny, I want to talk to your teacher for a few moments.” She gently shoved me into the room of kids who were staring at the new girl. I saw and Mrs. Trippman looking at me and smiling just before mom left.

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It sounds like mum and grandma have gone off the rails here forcing what they want on the child without regard for his feelings.

Dad still does not know.<br />
What is going on?<br />
And I have finally caught up with the story.

in cohoots I would say