Model Part 21


Grandma kept her promise to make me think of myself as a girl. I wore pretty clothes all day long, played with my girlfriends, and at night I went to sleep wearing pretty nightgowns and cuddling my favourite baby doll in a bedroom that no boy would have wanted to be caught dead in.

After my friends and I had to go home in the evening Grandma would teach me how to take care of my hair and nails. At first I practiced on her hair but soon I was able to set my hair into many pretty styles and apply nail polish as well as some teenage sisters of my girlfriends.

Grandma often let my friends sleep over and I even got to sleep at their houses a few times. We’d stay up late, have pillow fights, or if the sleepover was at Grandma’s my friends and I would play dress up in some of my pretty dresses. I guess she must have known what these sort of things were going to do to me because soon I forgot all about being Ronny, I was Chrissy her pretty granddaughter.

Two weeks later when my parents came to pick me up they found a very sad little girl waiting for them.

I was stretched on my bed crying when my parents came into the room.

“What’s wrong Chrissy?” Mom asked as she gently rubbed my back through my sundress. “Didn’t you have a good time with grandma and your friends?”

“Oh mommy, I had a wonderful time,” I said even as I continued to cry. “I got to play with all of my girlfriends and grandma got my ears pierced and got me these pretty earrings,” I brushed back my hair to show off my earrings.

“They’re very pretty Chrissy,” Dad told me as he gave me a hug. “But if everything was so nice why are you so sad?”

“I guess it’s cause I had such a good time that I don’t want to leave.” I sobbed as dad hugged me tight to his chest.

Mom brushed back the stray hair that had fallen into my face. “What if we let you stay another two weeks Chrissy? Would you mind spending a couple more weeks as a girl?” She asked.

“I’m not sure,” I told mom glancing over at my dad. “Maybe I should go back to being Ronny?”

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Yes. as cindy said. A flip flop at the end.

Hmmm. It's all well and good but the party has to end sometime.