Standing Up Ti Life Book 2 Ch 36 Pt 5

She really didn’t want to come but I somehow managed to stare long enough that she walked over. Her Mom had told me that she really didn’t like wearing them to bed anymore - but that if she didn’t wear them she’d have a wet bed. I could tell pretty quickly she didn’t have it on.

“Jamie, come on let’s get you pull-up on,” I told her.

“I don’t wanna,” she told me. She looked like she was about to cry. “I’m not a baby, I don’t need pull-ups!” She was getting more upset.

“Jamie, a lot of girls your age still wear pull-ups,” I told her. “In fact I have one friend that was still in diapers until she was five.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah, well actually I think she may have even been a little older than that until she was really potty trained. You’re just barely four okay? It’s not a big deal,” I told her.

“I still don’t like them,” she told me.

“At least it’s not a diaper,”! I told her.

“Yeah… I guess so…” she told me. “Would you put it on for me?” she asked me.

That was a really strange question. Why did she want me to put it on her? Maybe it was because of all of the attention I’d given her little sister?

“No Jamie, you’re a big girl. Why don’t you go put it on yourself?”

“No, want you to put it on,” she told me.

“…Alright…” I helped her put it on. It was really bizarre. When we had her PJ pants back up she gave me a hug and I put her in her bed, covering her with her covers. I then picked up Brittany and put her in her bed - making sure the rail was up where she couldn’t roll out. The girls shared a room and Mrs. Lind said she read a story to both of them together each night.

I grabbed the book that I had been assured would be their request and began reading it to them. I had a lot of fun doing different voices in the story. For two kids that had heard this story a million times, they paid really good attention. Maybe it was just because I was a different person reading it. Before long both were sound asleep. I turned off the light and walked back down the hallway to the kitchen. Once there I grabbed a plate and reheated another slice of pizza.

I ate it very guiltily though.. I didn’t want to get fat did I? Oh well. I thought to myself - I’d burn off the calories in a week or so with the dance squad tryouts. I was still thinking about Jamie and her request. It seemed kind of strange - I’d mention it to her Mom to make sure that she knew about it.

With that I sat down on the couch and worked on homework that was going to be due next eek. I checked on the girls a couple of times that night, but around eleven when I checked on them I could smell something I really didn’t want to smell - Brittany must have a dirty diaper I thought.

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Nov 26, 2012