Fresh Start Chapter 35

Jirra was working on finalising the newsletter when Judy showed up.

"Okay, here is the list of our first week's guests," she stated, as she handed Jirra a disc.

"Cool. I should have this ready for your review in a few minutes," replied Jirra.

"Are you sure you want me to be the last one to look it over, I'm not exactly qualified," stated Judy.

"Well, you're my boss, and it never hurts to have another set of eyes to look it over. If someone finds mistakes, we'll give a refund for the newsletter!"


"Sorry, that's an old joke we used when a mistake slipped through on the school paper."

"Oh, I've also got a list of future guests. Take a look at it," offered Judy, as she handed Jirra a list. She had a big grin on her face.

Jirra scanned the list and at first she didn't see it. When she re-read the list she saw the name. "Is this who I think it is?"

Judy nodded vigorously. "This could be a huge break for Caldera de Gaia. Her agent called this morning and requested a two-week stay. She just finished a new movie, and she's coming here to relax."

"Does this mean that we're going to keep this a secret?" asked Jirra.

"Her agent requested we keep this low key," replied Judy.

Jirra nodded. Alexis Eden was on the verge of stardom. She'd had a supporting role in a TV crime drama and had recently begun to make movies. Alexis had had the good fortune to appear in two blockbuster movies and had garnered excellent reviews. Rumour had it that she would get a starring role in Richard Thorn's new movie.

Jirra immediately went onto the Internet and called up Alexis' biography on a movie website. Alexis Eden was born Alexis Finster in Toledo, Ohio. She was in her high school drama club, but went to UC Pepperdine to study science. It was there that she auditioned for a commercial on a whim, and the rest, as they say, is history. Virtually overnight she went from college student to TV star.

Jirra looked at Alexis' photo. She wasn't the typical Hollywood beauty. She had a natural attractiveness that made her look accessible and friendly. Her eyes were a deep blue and Jirra felt they were her best feature. In the photo Alexis' hair was streaked blonde, but on her TV show her hair was uniformly blonde.

On her show Alexis had to be athletic, and it was obvious from the photos that she was in excellent shape.

Jirra was surprised to see that Alexis was only twenty-three and was still working on her degree.

"She's very pretty," remarked Judy.

"She'll be a star soon," added Jirra.

"I want you to be our liaison with her agent," stated Judy.

Jirra turned around and looked at Judy. "Are you crazy?"

Judy laughed. "Seriously, I want you to call this woman, what's her name? Oh yes, here it is, Emily Waterman, and tell her that'll you'll be our point of contact at the spa."

"Why me?" asked Jirra. "That didn't come out right. What I meant is, isn't there someone else more qualified?"

"First, you're in a small group of people that I can trust to do this right. Second, you have the lightest schedule. Third, it'll be good experience for you as a future reporter," explained Judy. "I've also confirmed that you'll get to interview her for the newsletter."

Jirra thought about it for a minute. "I won't let you down."

"I know you won't. I'll talk to the staff about this before she arrives; until then, keep this to yourself."

Jirra nodded. "I'll get the newsletter to you in an hour."
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Can I sniff that someone else used to be a 'male'
I can only let the story pan out and see what happens.

life is looking better all the time, Im so glad.