Fresh Start Chapter 36

Jirra dropped the newsletter off with Judy and headed over to see Lindsey. Part of her was hoping that they'd had a terrible time, but the other half wanted her friend to be happy.

Jirra walked into the main room and found Lindsey and Hannah reviewing the upcoming menu. Lindsey waved.

"I'll be done in a few minutes," she announced.

Jirra nodded. She looked at the art on the walls. Most were Georgia O'Keeffe prints, but a few were from local artists and were on sale. There was one artist who had painted several watercolours of the nearby hills. Jirra recognised one particular hill. It was located on one of the hiking paths. Maybe I could interview the artist for the newsletter, she thought.

"I'm done. Hey, that looks like the view from the trail," commented Lindsey.

"How was the date?" asked Jirra.

Lindsey sighed and a very content look came over her face. Jirra instantly knew that it was a success.

"We had a great time. Dave's so cool. We're going out again tonight."

Jirra forced a smile. "I'm happy for you."

"He likes you. He asked me if you'd be interested in going on a double date some time. He says he has a few friends that he thinks you'd like."

A horrified look came over Jirra's face. "What did you tell him?"

Lindsey smiled. "I told him I'd talk to you about it. Don't worry, I'd never set you up on something like that."

"Thanks," replied Jirra. "I suppose when you know him better, you can always tell him I'm a lesbian."

"True, maybe he knows a girl you'd want to date."

"He already does," replied Jirra with a wink.
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Thats great timing for that wink. love it.

there it is plain as day ... love the end of this part.