Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 37 Pt 4

I went over to her and gave her a long hug where we both cried on each other for a bit. “I’m sorry Mommy… if you want me to stop this… I guess…” Could I really offer that…? Could I really exist being Brandon again…?

She jerked slightly and her whole demeanour changed as she looked into my eyes. She put a finger up to my lips, “Tiffany, are you happier now?” she asked.

I didn’t have to hesitate for a moment. “Yes, much happier,” I said nodding.

“Then I don’t want you to even ever consider offering that for a moment. I doubt it would be possible for you to do anyway. We’ll get through this - it’s just going to be really hard,” she told me pulling me in close to her. I guess I knew that this all was affecting my parents a lot too… but this was the first time I saw Mom have a problem with it.

“Thank you Mommy,” I told her. The phone rang right about then. I was sitting on my Mom’s lap (doing my best to not crush her…) so she had just to lean over to pick it up.

“Hello?” she said. “Oh Hi Amy, here give her just a second to go get the other phone,” Mom said as she gave me a shove off her lap.

I ran to the phone next to our computer, sitting down in the computer chair before saying, “Hello?” into the phone.

“Hey Tiffany, is everything okay?” she asked me.

“Kind of…. Why do you ask?”

“Well someone saw Jarred and Lucas get onto your bus. Then someone else said they’d heard something about they were going to do something to you today - I was worried. But you haven’t been home to answer the phone every time I’ve tried.”

“Well… I don’t know if they were going to try something or not… but they did follow me home after school,” I told her.

“What happened?” she asked, even more concerned now.

I related the events that happened - including the conversation I had at the Lind’s house, and what happened with my Mom.

“Tiffany, I’m kind of worried about you. What happens if they actually decide to attack you like that?”

I was starting to get upset again, “I don’t know Amy… I don’t know. It’s not like I have a choice - I have to get home from school. Mom said she was going to talk to the driver about not letting them on again… but realistically there’s nothing that we can go to the school with. I’m hoping maybe they’re just playing mind games with me.”

“Well it’s working with me Tiff. You know the bus stop to my house is a lot closer to my house than your’s is to yours. Maybe you could start coming here after school?” She suggested.

“Maybe… I’d feel really strange going to your house without you though,” I told her.

“It’d be a lot better than the alternative. How weird can it be? You even have your own room here,” she told me.

“I guess, let me talk to my Mom about it,” I told her.

“Okay, I’ll talk to mine about it too,” she told me.

“So how did practice go tonight?” I asked.

“Terrible. Two of the girls just mouthed off to Coach Holt and walked out today… I don’t think they’re going to be allowed on the squad anymore.”

“That’s probably a good thing?” I asked her.

“Kind of… unfortunately they were they only other two eighth graders beside Kristina that were able to do anything decently. We probably are better off without their attitudes though. Anyway… it’s probably going to be even more fun as we get through tryouts next week. Some of the eighth grade girls were asking about you - they heard you were trying out. A couple of them weren’t too happy about the possibility of you making it. I hope they don’t do anything stupid though,” she told me.

“Me too,” I told her.

“So how did gymnastics go?” she asked suddenly realizing that tonight probably wasn’t the night to bring any more problems up.

“It went pretty well. I managed to do two front-flips in a row. Well, once at least. I mostly fell on my face and my rear most of the time still…” I told her.

She was laughing like a hyena on the other end. “I remember doing that… of course I was like four when I was trying to get that far!”

“Hey! Just because you had a head start,” I said giggling a bit. The two of us lightened up considerably then and we had a fun talking about a couple of other things. By the end of the conversation I felt considerably better. About the time I finished, around 9:30pm, Dad came home from work.

He’d had a late night dealing with something at work. I just hoped that he wouldn’t have something come up to where he couldn’t go on the trip with us. I wanted badly for him to be there. I talked with my parents very briefly at that point though - floating Amy’s idea as a suggestion, before going to my room, putting on my pyjamas, and crawling into bed. I didn’t really want to think more about anything.

As I tried to go to sleep I heard my parents with raised voices out in the living room. ‘It was probably about me’ I figured laying there. ‘What was I going to do?’

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