Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 38 Pt 1


Tuesday morning was the now normal routine of being picked up to go to school by Amy’s Mom. “Tiffany, here.” She handed me a key as we pulled into the school’s drop-off area.

“Are you sure?” I asked her.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” she replied.

“I don’t know…”

“You have your own room at our house! You’re welcome to come over anytime you want. I talked with your Mom last night and we both think Amy had a really good idea. Our neighbourhood also has a lot more people around there during the daytime - I think you would be safer.”

Dad had mentioned that they thought it wasn’t a bad plan earlier when he talked to me. He got an emergency call into work though and left quickly after talking to me. I wasn’t sure if they were thinking I should go after school today or not…

“I appreciate it,” I told her as I put it on my keychain. I gave her a hug through the window and went with Amy through our classes like normal.

During second hour I got called out of class to see Mrs. Henry. She wanted to see the note that I’d found and to talk to me about yesterday after school. “Tiffany I really wish I could catch whoever gave you these notes - so far I think it is two different people. The handwriting looks different on this one from the other one. I also wished I could do something about Lucas and Jarred riding your bus. But, they both had legitimate notes on why they needed to ride the bus there… and I don’t think I can do anything about it unless they do something to you,” she told me with a lot of sympathy in her eyes.

I didn’t have anything left in me so I decided to just be polite. “Thanks anyway Mrs. Henry,” I told her and headed back to class.

I was in kind of a foul mood after that… nothing physical had occurred since the first incident. But it was probably only a matter of time. At lunch that day I ate with Amy, Kristina, Lindsey, Ashley, and the rest of my gang, but noted that some of the eighth grade cheerleaders that had been eating with her had glared at me and moved to another table. The word was definitely out that I was trying out for the dance squad next week, and some of them weren’t happy about it.

I felt some nerves hitting with that - I just hoped that it didn’t cause more trouble than it was worth for me to try out. That ended up being the least of my worries by seventh period that day though. When I got to band to get my instrument out I discovered someone had glued my case shut.

Mrs. Remar was furious when I showed her what had happened. She and I then worked for the better part of ten minutes trying to get the lid unstuck. When it finally came loose one of the hinges broke on the case. My first thought was, ‘at least it’s open now and I can play…’ but inside I discovered yet another note.

The note read, ‘you won’t always be able to find someone to run to Tiffany, your days are numbered at Holden. We’re not going to tolerate having a freak like you here.’ At that point I just started bawling. Mrs. Remar led me to her office where she closed the door and tried to calm me down.

“Tiffany, it’s okay - we’ll get your case fixed,” she told me.

“I’m not worried about the case,” I told her through my tears.

“This is the third note I’ve gotten in the last three school days. I think it’s from Jarred and Lucas - they followed me home yesterday… but Mrs. Henry can’t do anything since she can’t prove anything!”

Mrs. Remar gave me another hug, “Tiffany it’ll be alright. They’re just using the notes because they can’t get to you any other way.”

“I hope you’re right,” I told her.

“Come on, let’s get you horn together and play, okay?” she asked.

“Okay,” I said meekly before going back into the classroom to try and play. I somehow managed to not completely butcher the parts - I was pretty upset. Ashley came up to me after class and walked me to my locker before I got to the buses. When I walked up to them I watched Jarred and Lucas get onto my bus.

It didn’t take but a moment for me to make up my mine what I was doing then - I got on the bus that would take me to Amy’s house. The driver gave me kind of a strange glance and asked “Where’s Amy?”

“She’s got cheerleading practice, but I’m going to start going to her house after school sometimes anyway,” I told her.

“Okay, I’ll check with your Mom later though to make sure this is okay,” she told me.

“That’s fine, she knows,” I said.

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