Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 38 Pt 3

After an hour of torture on it I was certainly ready to go home. We actually skipped that step and went directly to Applebee’s to meet my dad. Mom didn’t feel like cooking that night. As we sat down at a table Dad came in door. He didn’t look like he was in a very good mood, and most of dinner was had in silence.

As Mom drove me home to get changed for Tae Kwon Doe I asked, “Mom is everything alright with Dad?”

“He’s just stressed sweetie, things are going to be okay,” she told me.

“Is he mad at me?” I asked her.

“Why would you ask that?”

“Because I’m the reason for all of the problems…”

“Where are you getting this from?” she asked me.

“You two were yelling at each other last night.”

“Look sweetie, we were having a discussion - it got a little loud - but it was still just a discussion. Your dad and I love each other very much, and no, we’re not going to split up if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes sweetie, I’m sure. Daddy’s just stressed right now from some stuff going on at work. And sweetie,” Mom started.


“I know with everything in my heart he loves you very much, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.”

“I know… but I’m still worried.” I told her.

“It’s really okay.” She reassured me. That night we got home, I got changed, and I went to practice. Amy was there - that helped make things better - and the two of us had a lot of fun.

The nice thing about class, more than anything else, is that I was slowly learning some ways to protect myself the next time I was attacked. Unfortunately that is how I was viewing it at that point - it seemed like only a matter of time before I was attacked. Realistically it was going to take several years of training before I would be competent in any of this… but every little trick and help was another moment that I could survive.

Mom gave Amy a ride home that night - so the two of us were able to chat and I vented to her about everything. When we dropped her off she gave me a hug and said, “Just one more day Tiffany, then we’ll be gone for our trip!”

“Amy thanks for sticking with me,” I told her as she headed inside.

We drove home and I hopped in the shower. Once I was done Mom helped me work on beginning to pack stuff for the trip - I noticed that Dad still hadn’t come home again. “Mom is Dad even going to be able to go with us?” I asked her.

“Sweetie he’s working late tonight so that he can. He said there were some things that he had to get done before he can take off. He’ll be going on the trip,” she told me.

“Promise?” I asked her.

“Yes sweetie,” she told me. “Now let’s finish working on some of this packing okay?”

“Okay,” I told her as I began wondering why I was so concerned about Dad going. He had been better about being around since all of this began… but recently he’d been gone more and more again. I understood that he had a difficult job, but still. His biggest problem was as a management person he was also their main trouble-shooter.

The family that actually owned the company kept getting in his way at times - the daughter wanted to do things that were stupid (and he opposed as such), and realistically bad for the company. My dad kept things turning a good profit but the company definitely was taking him for granted. With everything going on my dad kept getting dragged in for one thing after another since they didn’t have to pay him overtime if he came in. The only good thing is that he did get some profit sharing out of it - just not really enough to make the job’s stress worth it.

Of course I understood that… but at the same time I wanted him to be there for me. I wanted him to come to my concerts and everything else. When he was around I felt safer from some of the stuff - I knew he wouldn’t let anyone harm me if he could help it. Of course I wasn’t seeing him often enough right now for that to happen.

About the time I had my pyjamas on and was climbing in bed I saw his headlights reflect through my window. I jumped out of bed and hugged him goodnight before heading right back to bed. It was already past my bedtime… and Mom didn’t want me to stay up any later that night. As I went to sleep I couldn’t help but resent his job.

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