Fresh Start Chapter 38

The next morning, Jirra walked into the kitchen. She was wearing a pair of dark green shorts and a Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt.

"Good morning, Roo. How're you feeling?" asked Liz.

Jirra waved her hand back and forth. "So-so."

"Cramps?" asked Liz.

Jirra nodded. "Not too bad, but enough to be felt."

Liz handed Jirra a bottle. "Take two."

"Thanks, Mum," replied Jirra. "By the way, I assume you're responsible for my bed mate." She held up a small stuffed kangaroo.

Liz shrugged her shoulders.

"It was very thoughtful."

"I figured you'd be a little down once your period started," stated Liz. "Well, we'd better get going; Judy will be expecting us."
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yeay for mom's.