Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 39 Pt 3

Chapter 39 Part 3

“Tiffany, it’s like one of the most expensive shopping places in the world. I’ve heard there are some really cool things there. Not that even my parents could afford much there… but I still think it would be cool to go shopping there,” she told me about some of the stores that were in the area - I had actually heard of a few of them.

“That does sound like fun,” I told her.

“I think my parents work to set up some things like that… but who knows. We’ll find out tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Amy, do you…” The door opened before I could finish my question. My Mom and Dad came in, followed by Amy’s parents, the superintendent, and both principals. Mom and Dad gave me a hug - Amy’s parents did the same thin - before switching the other way too.

“Okay what’s going on here Mrs. Hinther, Mrs. Henry?” My Dad angrily asked. “Our daughter should be having a safe educational experience at this school. You were given plenty of notice that there was a problem with students getting to her locker and doing things - yet you haven’t done anything about it.”

“Mr. Jacobson promise we…” Mrs. Hinther tried starting.

“No, Mrs. Hinther, don’t try to tell us you are doing everything you can, because you’re obviously not!” my Mom said.

My parents both vented into them for a good five minutes before they stopped to catch their breath. At that point Mr. Hancock got involved, “Mrs. Hinther, Mrs. Henry, I have to say that I am equally concerned about the welfare of Tiffany, and Amy at this point. I know for a fact that Tiffany has given you each note that she has received. This means that you of course knew what was going on.”

“There were several solutions you could have taken at that point, but as far as I can tell you haven’t done any of them. I guess my first question today is when were their lockers vandalized?” Mr. Hancock gave them a stare that made my own blood chill. He said everything so calmly and precisely - there was no overt hint of anger in his voice.

“Mr. Hancock we’re not really exactly sure when it happened.” Mrs. Henry said. “We know that the two of them didn’t stop by their lockers between second and third - so it may have already been there. But, we’re guessing it happened during the first part of third period.”

“So you are just letting students roam through the hallway at will?” he asked her.

“Well no Mr. Hancock, every student is supposed to have a pass if they’re not in class,” she said.

“So I’m assuming you have gone to every teacher at this point and asked them which students were let out at that time? And perhaps all of the students that were late to class?”

“I’m in the process of doing that Mr. Hancock,” she replied.

Part of me was kind of upset that Mrs. Henry was taking the brunt of this… but this was her job - she should’ve already had the answer. “It needs to be done as soon as possible,” he told her and Mrs. Hinther. “I have also contacted the police - I wish to have them in on the investigation as well. We will be pressing harassment charges on the perpetrators of this.”

“I can understand that,” Mrs. Henry said politely. I didn’t think she was taking it personally at least. “I am doing everything I can with this - someone will eventually talk. That is inevitable with students involved with this kind of thing.”

“I sure hope so. Now that I know that you are investigating properly, what are we going to do to prevent this from happening in the future?”

“What do you mean?” Mrs Hinther asked. This was one of the first times she had spoken.

“Well, obviously there must be a safer place for the two of them to have their lockers. Tiffany has already had far too many threatening notes left within her locker - not to mention this incident. Is there a safer place that they can have lockers? Perhaps they could have one next to a classroom where a teacher will be on duty?”

“We can look into that Mr. Hancock, but unfortunately we already have every locker assigned at this point. There are even a number of students who have ended up sharing lockers since we didn’t have enough to go around this year.” Mrs Hinther answered.

“It sounds like a problem that you can take care of though,” Mr. Jameson directed. “My question for you Mrs. Hinther is how are we going to guarantee the safety of these young ladies while they’re here in this school? Realistically I think that Tiffany is in more danger than Amy, but it seems to be guilt by association right now for Amy too. What steps are we going to take?” He asked her.

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